Lu Bin serves as director of Gaoshanzi township people’s armed forces department, Beizhen City, Liaoning Province. He enrolled in the administration management major of the OUC undergraduate programme at Beining Branch School of Liaoning Radio and TV University.

During his study at the RTVU he tried hard to overcome the work-study contradiction. He studied hard, looked through the relevant materials, devoted himself to learning, and achieved excellent results. With love for work and respect for duty, he worked selflessly, always putting the interests of the Party and people above everything else, and doing good deeds. Lu Bin was selected as an advanced individual and excellent special armed cadre for his work in the militia reserves by Liaoning Provincial People’s Government and the provincial military command; a theoretically armed star by Liaoning Provincial Department of Publicity and the political department of the provincial military command; an excellent trainer with “four capabilities” of the militia reserves by Shenyang Military Command; a moral rural youth in Liaoning by the Communist Youth League Committee of Liaoning Province; an “advanced courageous individual” by Beizhen City government in 2014; a “Good Citizen of Liaoning” by the Publicity Department of the CPC Liaoning Committee on October 22, 2015; and a model in learning from Lei Feng and Guo Mingyi by the Publicity Department of the CPC Liaoning Committee on March 8, 2016. He was given an individual contribution award for national defense education by Liaoning Provincial Office of National Defense Education.