The Open University of China (OUC), Korea National Open University (KNOU), and the Open University of Japan (OUJ) launched the KNOU-OUC-OUJ International Seminar in 2009.

The Sino-British Fellowship Project (UK Open and Distance Education Programme for Personnel from Chinese Open Universities) is sponsored by the Sino-British Fellowship Trust (SBFT) and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and is jointly implemented by the CSC and the OUC (formerly known as CCRTVU).

On 25 May 2017, a delegation headed by Prof. Peter Reichling of the Otto-von-Guericke Business School Magdeburg visited the Experimental School of the OUC to discuss a joint-education programme. Zhang Jimin, chair of the council of the Beijing International Institute of Asia-Europe Education and Culture (AEEC Beijing), and Yao Bo, its dean, joined the discussions.

From 6 to 20 November 2019, the Open University of China (OUC) sent fifteen backbone tutors from its organisational system to take part in a 15-day academic training programme at Michigan State University (MSU), marking the first kind of overseas training organised by the OUC for its faculty members. Eleven tutors were from the OUC headquarters and four others came from the Hunan, Hainan, Wuhan, and Chengdu Branches.

To further respond to UNESCO IITE Initiative “Combat COVID-19: Keep learning. Together we are on the move!” , the Open University of China(OUC) has continued to provide UNESCO with learning resources in Chinese and English to help with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2015, China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) Press published and distributed the first book in the Case Studies on World Open Universities series, A Study on Korea National Open University. Case Studies on World Open Universities is a national key book publication planning project of the Open University of China (OUC) as part of its 12th Five Year Plan.