About the OUUK:

Officially founded in 1971 with the grant of a UK royal charter, the Open University, UK (OUUK) is an independent, autonomous national institution of higher education. It is the largest university in the UK and is eligible to confer all kinds of degrees.

About CNED:

Established in 1939, the Centre national d'enseignement à distance (CNED) is a French public educational institution under the French Ministry of Education, dedicated to providing distance learning material. Its headquarters are in Poitiers, the capital of the department of Vienne. The CNED has established 130 enrollment offices (tutoring centres) and set up 8 branches to provide distance education for learners of different majors.

Brief Introduction:

As one of the three Baltic states, Latvia is home to rich cultural and tourism resources. Riga, which lies on the Gulf of Riga, is the capital city and a major political, economic, and cultural centre of Latvia. It is also one of Beijing’s “friendship cities”. The role of the Riga City Council’s Education, Culture, and Sports Department is to implement policies in the fields of education, culture, and sports as well as monitoring the operation of various educational, cultural, and sports and leisure institutions under the jurisdiction of the Riga City Council.

Brief Introduction:

With headquarters located in Bucharest, Romania, the Romanian Wine Industry Alliance Group was founded with the support of the Romanian government in 2007 with the goal of uniting major wine producers in Romania and Europe and spreading wine culture.

About MSU:

Michigan State University (MSU) is a public university located in East Lansing, Michigan State, USA. Founded in 1862, it was the first university established according to the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. MSU is not only famous for education, agriculture and communication theory, but also for its vanguard role in the research of packaging and musical therapy.

About UMUC:

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is a distance learning university located in the unincorporated community of Adelphi in Prince George's County, Maryland in the United States. Serving over 90,000 students worldwide, UMUC is one of the largest distance learning institutions and is open to all applicants with a 100 percent acceptance rate for undergraduate programmes.

About SCOLA:

US SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that receives and re-transmits TV programmes from over 140 countries around the world in more than 170 languages. Schools and professional institution users across North America, South America and the Caribbean can access programmes via the Internet, satellite and closed-circuit TV systems.

About TRU:

Established in 1970, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a public university eligible to issue bachelor’s degrees and junior college diplomas. The main campus located in Kamloops is the youngest university in British Columbia. Both the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, and the Government of British Columbia place TRU’s teaching quality in high esteem.


CIBT Education Group Inc. (CIBT) is an international education management and investment company listed on the Canadian and American stock exchanges. Its headquarters is in Canada. CIBT aims to provide the education industry in China with professional services such as: educational investment, acquisition, management, and consulting.

About AU:

Athabasca University (AU), established in 1970, is Canada’s most famous public university for open and online education. AU is dedicated to increasing the equality of educational opportunity for adult learners, both in Canada and worldwide.