On 7 Nov., 2018, as a joint effort of the Suichang County Party Committee Organisation Department, Suichang Radio & TV University (Suichang RTVU) and the Suichang County Women's Federation, the 2018 Suichang training class for female cadres was held at Suichang RTVU. Over 50 female chief officers from county townships, and the directors of the women's commissions of each department, took part in the class.

Dalian Radio & TV University (Dalian RTVU) has always been dedicated to continuing education, and has been implementing the education policies put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress. Over the past four decades, Dalian RTVU has been working on cooperation and integration with traditional higher education, and has paid particular attention to the education of special groups and the needs of society as a whole.

In order to further improve teaching support, lead students in learning effectively through the Open University of China (OUC) learning network, and improve teaching quality in an all-round way, Hebei Radio and TV University (Hebei RTVU) convened a meeting to exchange experience on the usage and extension of the learning network.

On 6 November 2018, the opening ceremony of the training class for the Open University of China (OUC) “Long March Belt” Educational Project Targeted at Alleviating Poverty was held at the Party School of the CPC Tongdao Dong Autonomous County Committee, Huaihua City, Hunan Province. The first batch of 80 students attended the event.

Modern History and Culture of North China, a collection of essays from a column in the Journal of Hebei Radio & TV University, was published recently by Hebei Education Press. The essays were selected from among 31 outstanding academic articles published in the journal’s Modern History and Culture of North China column. The book is broken into six chapters: culture, society, economy, figures, education, and military affairs.

The year 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, and the establishment of the Radio and TV University system by Deng Xiaoping. This year, 2019, marks the 40th anniversary of Jiangxi Radio and TV University (Jiangxi RTVU). Recently, the RTVU held a series of activities to commemorate the pioneering work of Comrade Deng in establishing the RTVU system, and to celebrate the anniversaries.

From 27 to 28 December 2018, Guangzhou Radio and TV University (Guangzhou RTVU) held a 2018 Open Education Enrolment Meeting with the theme of "Grasping Quality, Realising True Development, Emphasising Connotation, and Promoting Openness.”

Recently, a book written by Shi Jinwen, Jiang Zhouling, and other writers from Guangxi Radio and TV University (Guangxi RTVU), Research on Poverty Alleviation through Education Using the Open University as an Example, was published by Thread-Binding Books Publishing House.