I. Basic Information

The Lifelong Education Research Institute of the Open University of China (OUC) is China’s earliest research and management institution on distance education.

Known as the Research Office of Distance Education in 1985, it was renamed as the Scientific Research Institute of Distance Education in 1992, the Research Institute (Research Department) of Modern Open and Distance Education in 2002, the Education Research Institute (Research Management Department) in 2014, the Education Research Institute in 2018, and the Lifelong Education Research Institute, its current name, in 2020. As of the beginning of 2019, the institute has eight research divisions, eight research centres, and one comprehensive administrative office under its jurisdiction. A team engaging in research on open distance education in and out of China, including nine full-time researchers, more than ten senior consultants, and more than thirty part-time researchers, has been established at the institute.

Wang Ying currently acts as the director of the institute, with Li Wei as deputy director.

II. Functions

1. Carry out theoretical research, comparative research, and project research related to lifelong education
2. Develop academic exchange, cooperation, and consultation services
3. Be responsible for the overall coordination and management of relevant research centres
4. Be responsible for the work of the Secretariat of the Academic Committee
5.Complete other tasks assigned by the OUC

III. Organisational Structure

The Education Research Institute is responsible for eight research divisions, eight research centres, and one administrative office. The eight research divisions are the Division of Theory and Policy Studies, the Division of School-Running Bodies and Management Studies, the Division of Studies on Science and Technology for Learning, the Division of International and Comparative Education Studies, the Division of Curriculum and Teaching Studies, the Division of Teacher Development Studies, the Division of Resource and Service Studies, and the Division of Education Quality Assurance Studies.

Contact Us:

Add: Education Research Institute, the Open University of China, Beijing, 100039, P.R.China
Tel: (+86)10 57519240