At 7:50 in the morning, Zhang Xiaohui, the general manager of the Weikeou Technology Company, entered the office on time and opened a laptop on the desk to start a busy day.

The early January 2017 event, “2016 Selection of Outstanding Rural College Students from across the OUC System,” was one of a series of selection events searching for “Dream Pursuers.” The Open University of China’s ( China Network sponsored the event.

The 2016 “Moving Anhui - Most Beautiful Persons” were recently announced. Among them was Li Yuanfang, an undergraduate student majoring in Chinese Language and Culture at Anhui Radio and TV University (RTVU), and teacher at Zhangxiang Primary School, Dingji Township, Fengtai County.

Chen Maofeng was the monitor in the spring 2016 Rural Administrative Management class at Ruian College, Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU), secretary of Shilong Village Party Branch at Gaolou town, and deputy to the fifteenth and sixteenth People's Congress of Ruian city. While serving as deputy to the People’s Congress, he spoke on behalf of farmers in his region.

Shen Haiyan may just be an ordinary worker in a warp knitting workshop but she is defiant in the face of hardships and perseveres in working independently.

Is 60 years old an age for living an easy retired life at home, or time to set sail for a new dream? The 62 year-old Jiang Xuhuai chose the latter.

Editor's Note:

Jiang Kun, a famous Chinese crosstalk (a traditional Chinese comedic performance in the form of a dialogue or, much less often, a monologue or, even less frequently, a multi-player talk show to make audience laugh) performer and national Class-A actor, graduated from China Central Radio and Television University (CCRTVU) after majoring in Chinese Language and Literature .

Chengdu Radio and Television University (Chengdu RTVU) is perhaps one of the smallest universities in China, its main campus covering an area of only 5 mu, equivalent to 3,333 square metres, and with only two six-storey buildings.