In June 2017, the first session of the teaching skills competition of the Open University of China (OUC) concluded. Ma Shaojun, a tutor from the OUC Zhejiang branch, won the best online design prize for his “timely learning reminders + learning via online platforms + special quizzes + real-time assignments” teaching model. He also won the overall first prize.

In the early morning, on his way to the Songxian branch of the Luoyang Radio and Television University (Luoyang RTVU), a solemn-looking middle-aged man hurries to the university ahead of schedule to prepare a computer exam for RTVU students.

In August,2012, I began working at the Beichen Branch of Tianjin Radio and Television University(RTVU), and began a new journey working as a teacher. Five years passed in an instant, the work in the branch not only brought me many honours. Most importantly, it enriched my life by helping me learn to love life more, and live a happier life.

Right after the Spring Festival, when a festive atmosphere lingered, and a joyful smile still remained on people's faces, Luo Xia, a girl from Hefei, Anhui, seemed perplexed by something, and possessed a frown on her face.

On 3rd Dec., 2017, to the rhythm of the school song, the OUC Experimental School Graduation & Degree Conferring Ceremony was held at Wukesong Campus, the OUC’s headquarters. Fifty-one graduates went up onto the platform, shook hands with and saluted president Yang Zhijian, and received their graduation certificate. Twenty-six students were conferred Bachelor’s degrees.

During the final examinations at the end of the spring semester, the Academic Affairs Department of the Open University of China (OUC) got a phone call from a student from Fujian branch. He lamented that the results of one of his courses had failed to meet the lowest requirements because of his illness. He felt extremely frustrated because he thought he could not get a degree.

After a busy day at work, Xiao Li, a nurse in a 3A hospital in Beijing, opens her computer and logs into the Open University of China’s (OUC) formative assessment system to complete a test for her course in the public affairs administration major.

In September, thousands of students returned to school to pursue their learning dreams. They stepped into the Open University of China (OUC), a university without walls, and began a new journey of study.