Beginning in 2000, aiming to help non-commissioned officers realise their dream of attending college while still in the military, and construct a learning-oriented military, the Open University of China (OUC) successively established Bayi School, Zongcan School, and School for the Air Force.

Shoemakers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and tofu makers are all craftsmen. “Craftsman” originally means a person with outstanding skills. “Craftsmanship” is a way of making a living, and a person with a certain craft is called a craftsman. By constantly tempering and polishing with their hands, they manage to pursue the utmost aspiration for skill and quality.

I. No longer able to keep up with the times?

I am an ordinary driver who works for a construction company.

Upon receiving a notice regarding essay competitions on “My Learning Story” and “My Teaching Story,” I hesitated for a long time. As a former student and current tutor at the Radio and Television University (RTVU), I pondered which topic I should choose: my learning story or my teaching story?

The most difficult thing to change in life is oneself. Li Bailiu passed the entrance examination of Shengzhou School, Zhejiang Radio and TV University (RTVU) and entered the “university at home”, writing a legend of his own life.

I entered Jiangyou Branch School of Mianyang Radio and TV University (RTVU) majoring in public health affairs management in the spring of 2013.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Yang Jiyan was meeting a client in her office at Sichuan Langzhao Law Firm. I waited for a while before her client left. She felt sorry and said with a smile, “We lawyers appear to be quite free. In fact, we almost have no weekends or holidays and have to work overtime to finish cases once we take them on.”

Since beginning work as a tutor at the OUC, I have instructed a huge number of students, and I still remember nearly all of their learning stories. However, the one that impressed me most was the story of a father and son who both majored in finance in the junior college class of Fall 2013. This father and son left me with an unforgettable, lasting impression.