This year marks the 30th Teachers’ Day in China. It also happens to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the Radio and TV Universities (RTVUs). On this special day, the Party Committee of The Open University of China (OUC) randomly interviewed dozens of teachers, students and staff at the Wukesong, Fuxingmen and Weigongcun Campuses. The interviewees looked back on unforgettable moments, using genuine words to express their sincere thanks to the OUC and its teachers.

Li Yangang, who loves learning, was recently praised as an “excellent battalion commanding officer” by his superior. In the two years since Li Yangang has acted as a battalion commander, 75% of all officers and soldiers in the battalion have taken part in the distance learning for sergeancy in Bayi College of the Open University of China (OUC), under his influence and inspiration, and more than one hundred participants have obtained a nationally recognized university diploma. A good climate for learning has formed around him.

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President and Chairman of CPC’s Central Military Commission, met with advanced collectives of the fifth national model of self-improvement and assisting the disabled, and outstanding representatives in the individual commendation congress on the morning of May 16, 2014.

On June 26th of 2014, Provincial Party Committee Secretary of Zhejiang Xia Baolong visited the modern agricultural zone of Tiantai County in spite of the rain, and had a discussion with local growers. At the Jiuhuier ecological plantation belonging to Ge Lingteng, a peasant college student from Tiantai Radio and TV University (RTVU), Xia Baolong talked with Ge Lingteng side by side and praised him as “Grape Professor”.

On July 1st, upon retiring, Professor Yan Shuoqin, of the School of Arts and Law of the Open University of China (OUC), donated to the OUC Library more than 700 books which had been passed down in his family and collected by himself for many years.


“I am Han Ying, a blind stenographer from Shanghai. Although my eyes can’t see the colors in the world, I still have a colorful dream in my heart……” At the recent conference to honor praiseworthy groups and individuals associated with the fifth national model of self-improvement and to recognize those known for helping the disabled, Han Ying stepped into the Great Hall of the People, and narrated her own experience with great passion in front of Party and state leaders, as well as a massive audience.

In the oppressive summer heat of the morning of July 18th of 2014, Ye Liansheng, hailed as the “most beautiful old man” because of picking up more than 200,000 cigarette butts, carrying a plastic bag in his left hand and holding a self-made “magic tool” in his right hand, appeared again at the side of the canal. But the difference this time was that he was followed by a group of volunteers from the summer training class for student cadres of Zhejiang RTVU. In half a day, led by Mr. Ye, the students picked up thousands of cigarette butts.

Zhou Mengqiu is a disabled young person of the 80’s generation who needs care and concern from the society himself. However, in his mind, he thinks only of contributing his passion and love to the benefit of other people and society as a whole. Since joining the volunteer service team in 2004, he began to fall deeply in love with volunteer activities. In the past ten years, he has participated in various volunteer activities on more than 70 occasions, contributing his own humble might and continuously delivering positive energy to his community.