In order to set a good example for young people and help foster positive ideals, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Youth Federation have presented the 17th annual “China May 4 Youth Medal” to 27 members, and conferred nominations on five members. Two students from the radio and TV universities (RTVUs), Zhi Zhiyi and Chen Jianfa, were presented with the medal and received a nomination respectively.  

Every year in early April, the students of Likeng Primary School in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province stand at the school gate waiting for their volunteer teachers. Students from Jiangsu Nantong RTVU shoulder

It’s never too late to learn. Yesterday, I was deeply touched by an 80-year-old grandpa named Zhou Zongji. He has enrolled in a diploma programme at Sichuan RTVU, majoring in administrative management. He is the oldest RTVU student in China.


It’s all too natural to come up against difficulties in our lives. Xiao Wang, who works as a doctor at a Triple A-grade Hospital, is no different.

Children can attend the nearest school, patients can see the nearest doctor, migrant workers can find a real job close to their home... In the eyes of Li Liancheng,

At the first session of the 12th Yunnan People’s Congress Yunnan RTVU student Tie Feiyan was elected by unanimous vote to become Yunnan Province’s youngest NPC deputy.

The official report of the 18th National Congress of the CPC proposes the vigorous development of continuing education and the improvement of the lifelong education system. Xie Zhicai, a student at Qingdao RTVU

The results of the “Best of Zhejiang – 2012 Youth Leader” selection were announced recently. The list is hosted by Zhejiang Daily Press Group and sponsored by and Qianjiang Evening News.