The upcoming National Day for Helping the Disabled marks the 10th anniversary of the OUC School for the Disabled. Over the past 10 years, the OUC has embraced a number of ambitious disabled youths, helping them fulfill their dream of going to university; it has cultivated a great number of exceptional disabled university students, equipping them with knowledge and skills; and it has said farewell to scores of promising disabled graduates, enabling them to serve society and work hard to achieve their dreams.

In the graduation thesis defense for open education undergraduate students in the spring of 2015 hosted by Qingyuan Radio and TV University (RTVU),Zhejiang province, held from May 10-12, 2015“Father and Son Soldiers” and “Husband and Wife Sing Together”were put on show. The students participating in the graduation dissertation said that “open education makes learning more convenient.”

At the pesticide sales outlet of the plant protective station of Haiyan county that is operated by Shen Weizhong, we can see a lot of fruit packaging boxes imprinted with Chinese characters “Fengxiang” piling up here and there. “Fengxiang” is a registered trademark for grape products since 2011. "Here’s a free distribution centre where farmers can bring their own grapes and make a fair deal with purchasers every year at the harvest season".  Shen Weizhong said, revealing shrewdness in his eyes as a typical Zhejiangnese. He added, "Of course, I can also make some money by selling fertilizer here."

She minds her shop as she studies during the daytime and even stays up late into night, reading until one or two o’clock in the morning. At 38, she enrolled herself in legal science courses at Radio and TV University (RTVU), obtaining a junior college diploma. She is now engaged in the undergraduate programme. In 2014, she passed National Judicial Examination; she wants to be a lawyer in order to use what she has learned to help others.

I met with Liu Yuemiao in November 2014, in an office building in the CBD area in Changsha’s Wuyi Square. Meicuiyuan Jewelry Company, covering an area of a few hundred square meters, is just one of the companies he founded. In a corner of the store, he made a pot of warm Dahongpao tea, and handed over his bestselling novel Bet Stone”.

On 12 December 2014, Vice President Zhang Jiyong of Beijing Open University (Beijing OU), came to the Wanxiangxintian Community at Changying, Chaoyang Distrcit, Beijing, to hold a graduation ceremony for the 94-year old Lu Juzhong and confer on her an honorary graduation certificate.

Lin Zhaoshui, Chairman of the Board of Zhejiang Yuhuan Volcano Tea Joint-stock Cooperate Farm, NPC Representative of Yuhuan County, and student of the Yuhuan Institute, was recently selected for the cover of the August 2014 Issue of “China New Countryside Monthly”. His story was reported with the headline “Leader of New Countryside Construction — Lin Zhaoshui” in the “Special Reports” column.

A few days ago, Wang Yaohui, a young teacher from Heilongjiang Radio and TV University (Heilongjiang RTVU), had her works “Harmony” and “In Peace” exhibited at Heilongjiang CPPCC’s Painting and Calligraphy Show of Modern Lettering Art Works “Chinese Dream • Great Auspiciousness”. Chairman Du Yuxin of Heilongjiang CPPCC attended the opening ceremony.

Nearly 100 pieces of work on show were done by natives of Heilongjiang. Their distinct theme displaying the patriotism of “Chinese Dream • Great Auspiciousness” is a gift to celebrate the 65th anniversary of new China.