A learning outcomes framework is a common reference point for all types of learning outcome accreditation, accumulation, and transfer in the continuing education field. It is a commonly practiced international qualification framework. Its relevant standards and norms ensure the transparency, comparability, and transferability of learning outcomes.

The accreditation, accumulation, and transfer of learning outcomes is based on accreditation criteria recognised by every accreditation unit.

Learning outcomes accreditation is the process of finding appropriate places for various types of learning outcomes within the learning outcomes framework. It is also a process of determining the categories, types, and grades of such learning outcomes according to the criteria and norms of the learning outcomes framework.

Learning Account

A credit bank learning account is abbreviated as a “learning account.” A learning account is a personal account opened by the credit bank for purpose of the accreditation, accumulation, and transfer of learning outcomes. It records the user’s basic information, information of current learning outcomes, and business transactions. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China or long-term residents are entitled to register for a learning account via the credit bank.

By referencing the learning outcomes framework and the technical pathways of related accreditation criteria given by the Credit Bank, learning outcomes transfer enables various certificate-granting institutions at different levels to voluntarily meet certain transfer rules within the operating system of the mutual recognition alliance mechanism for learning outcomes in order to realise the transfer and mutual recognition of different or similar learning outcomes.