Learning Account

A credit bank learning account is abbreviated as a “learning account.” A learning account is a personal account opened by the credit bank for purpose of the accreditation, accumulation, and transfer of learning outcomes. It records the user’s basic information, information of current learning outcomes, and business transactions. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China or long-term residents are entitled to register for a learning account via the credit bank.

People can apply to open a learning account at their local learning outcomes accreditation branch centre (accreditation centre) or apply online via the credit bank information network. Institutions and organisations may apply for collective learning accounts.

Lifelong Learning Outcomes Files

Lifelong learning outcomes files include learning accounts and learning files. Lifelong learning outcomes files are learning files established by the credit bank for all of its registered users. The files are automatically generated when a learning account is open, so there is no need to submit a separate registration.  

Lifelong learning outcomes files also record information from various learning programmes learners have taken, including learning contents, processes, time, and results. Using this information, learners can plan their learning paths and set learning goals. In addition, the learners can inquire about their learning experience, download electronic files, or review and copy hard copies of files according to the relevant regulations of the credit bank. The information safety of users’ lifelong learning outcomes files is guaranteed by the credit bank’s strict confidentiality measures.

Learning Outcomes Accumulation 

Learning outcomes accumulation is the process of accrediting and saving  the various learning outcomes that learners have achieved at different times and places. The credit bank will accredit the learning outcomes saved by the learners and conduct accumulation according to learning hours and credits.

The credit bank can issue certificates of learning hours for continuing education at the request of learners in order to meet the demand for employees with continuing education experience from employers. If certain requirements are met, the learning outcomes may be transferred to degree education institutions to replace some degree education course credits or transferred to institutions granting vocational certificates as partial or complete qualifications to apply for certificates. 

Learning outcomes accumulation can be classified into the following categories:

Learning outcomes saving: The credit bank will save and record the original status of learning outcomes that are not accredited. Accumulation will be conducted according to certain criteria when said learning results have been accredited.

Learning outcomes accumulation by criteria: The credit bank will conduct accumulation for the learning outcomes if they are included on the list of the credit bank’s accredited learning outcomes. Learners can apply for learning outcomes transfer using their accumulated learning outcomes.