The former Vice President of the China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU), Professor Sun Lvyi, donated a total of 65 books of 15 varieties, which she had been collecting for dozens of years, to the Open University of China (OUC). The donation ceremony was held on the morning of March 10th in the Wukesong Campus of the OUC.

Peng Tao is a teacher and the Vice President of Chengdu RTVU School for the Disabled. He has been involved in the work of education for the disabled since 2003, and helped establish Chengdu RTVU School for the Disabled in 2010. Over the course of his ten-year involvement in education for the disabled,

In the recently published results of the national moral model and moral pacesetter programme, Ruan Wenpin, from Nonghuai Primary School of the central school in Xiajia Town, Lingyun County of Baise, the excellent student of Guangxi Radio and TV University (RTVU), was named “2013 National Moral Pacesetter”. 

On October 13th, the National Opening Ceremony of the 2013 Lifelong Learning Activity Week was held in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin. At the ceremony, the list of 104 “Grassroots Learning Stars” was revealed, including Shao Denghui, who was recommended by Ningbo Radio and TV University (RTVU, aka Ningbo Community College.

Liu Zhanrong arrived at China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) in 1994, having just graduated from Northeast Normal University. In the 19 years that he has worked at CCRTVU (now the OUC) he has become a true “elder” of the university. He first started as a teacher at the School of Foreign Languages, and later worked as the director of the Teaching and Research Section, assistant dean, and then vice dean.

Champion Paralympic blind swimmer, Yang Bozun, has dived into his new role as an English teacher at Radio and TV University (RTVU). Yang spent half of his first day teaching and explaining clearly key points of two units to students. He also shared personal experiences with the class, drawing laughter from time to time.
Liao Zhanfu was a student specializing in primary education, 2008 autumn session, at Tongjiang Workstation, affiliated with Bazhong Radio and TV University. At that time he was an interim teacher, and chose to study in the university in order to pursue a teacher’s dream and enrich his studies. After graduation,

Ms. Xing Chungui, Secretary of General Party Branch of Xinfeng community, Jinjiazhuang Street, Jinjiazhuang District, Maanshan City, is a delegate to the 18th Party Congress and a law student from Maanshan RTVU's 2010 autumn class, and was awarded nearly 20 honors including the “2011 National Outstanding Party Worker”, “2011 Anhui Province Outstanding Party Worker”, and “Anhui Advanced Individual of Caring Next Generation”.