Zeng Daoqun, Han ethnicity, is a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

She serves as a deputy to the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC), as well as secretary of the Party Branch and director of the  Gaotan Village Committee, Lianluo Township, Yantan District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province. In 2019, she was a student in the Grassroots Cadres Education Improvement Programme for Rural Revitalisation and Community Governance at Zigong Open University (OU). She was awarded the title of “National Anti-poverty Role Model” in 2021.

"For a long time, issues such as remoteness, rugged terrain, flooding, and dense forests have been obstacles hindering the revitalisation and development of Gaotan Village," said Zeng Daoqun. "When I first arrived, this place was a typical impoverished village." However, in her view, Gaotan Village is a piece of promising land for creating a livable, prosperous, and beautiful rural community.

In recent years, the village has successfully established professional cooperatives for grain, oil, and poultry farming, leading to the emergence of a collective economy from scratch. Gaotan Village has transformed from a poverty-stricken community to an advanced one. Zeng Daoqun emphasised that going forward, Gaotan Village must learn from the successful experiences of Green Rural Revival Programme, tailor strategies based on local conditions, and continue to achieve substantive progress and milestones in rural revitalisation efforts. Listening to the voices of the people and gathering public opinion are the beginning of Zeng Daoqun's work; providing valuable advice and addressing challenges are the focal points. Since becoming a deputy to the 14th NPC, Zeng Daoqun has consistently upheld the principle of prioritizing the well-being of the people, grounded in grassroots realities, articulating the voices of farmers, and striving to serve as the "spokesperson" and "empathetic presence " for the community. At this year's NPC, Zeng Daoqun focused on rural revitalisation, offering suggestions on livelihood security, the psychological well-being of left-behind children, improving the efficiency of rural governance, and enhancing public facilities and services.


Compiled by OUC News Network from NEWSSC, Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress