Zhou Chong, Han ethnicity, a deputy to the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC) and an outstanding college graduate, who holds a major in mechanical manufacturing from the Open University of China’s Guangzhou Branch.

He enrolled on the programme back in the fall of 2015, and is now assistant manager of the Department of Security and Environmental Protection, and deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee at Huangpu Stevedoring Branch Company. Zhou is also vice chairman of the 13th session of the Guangzhou Youth Federation. He has been awarded the titles "Good Man of China" and the "National Moral Model Nomination Award” and he was received by the general secretary twice, in 2013 and 2018.

One day in 2012, at an apartment complex in Guangzhou, a 3-year-old girl accidentally slipped and hung from the fourth-floor balcony in a perilous situation. Passing by, Zhou Chong courageously climbed up to the third-floor security bars without any additional protection, holding up the girl for over ten minutes until she was successfully rescued, then quietly left.

Following this incident, numerous job offers came his way, but Zhou Chong chose to remain faithful to his trade, starting as a regular welding repairman and gradually advancing to a managerial position. Despite only having completed junior high school, he made a remarkable leap in education...

"Focusing on my job, advocating for the youth, and speaking up for workers." By staying at the grassroots level, Zhou Chong gained profound insights into basic workers' realities. Drawing upon his professional journey, during last year's NPC sessions, Zhou Chong put forward proposals to strengthen support for state-owned enterprises in establishing technical schools. This year, his suggestions continue to revolve around manufacturing talent cultivation.

"In 2023, we conducted in-depth research within companies concerning manufacturing talent. Many companies expressed that while the industry performed well last year, there was a lack of connection in talent development, resulting in a disjointed talent pool and inadequate education," shared Zhou Chong. "During our visits to schools for research, we observed significant information gaps amongst companies, schools, and students regarding programme offerings and job requirements." To address this, Zhou Chong recommended reforming the existing talent cultivation model and creating a direct pathway between school programmes and company job needs. Schools should nurture specialized talent aligned with company demands to establish a positive feedback loop and further enhance the high-quality development of companies and industries.

Zhou Chong also focuses on the high-quality development of the youth. This year, he proposed initiatives related to attracting young talent to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and creating a healthy, positive online environment. By emphasising the high-quality development of young people, he proposed establishing an international hub for youth talent in Nansha, and encouraging youth to actively contribute to the GBA's development.


Compiled by OUC News Network from WORKERCN and WeChat Official Account of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress