On 13 April 2024, at the opening ceremony of the 2024 Spring term at Yinzhou College of Ningbo Open University (OU), Xu Haixia, representing outstanding students from the Law undergraduate programme that began in autumn 2021, took the stage to deliver a speech, which resonated strongly with all the faculty and students present.

Xu Haixia delivering a speech representing outstanding students

Xu Haixia, a Ph.D. in Engineering from Zhejiang University, a prestigious university in China, made the decision to return to academia to pursue an undergraduate degree in Law at Yinzhou College of Ningbo OU in autumn 2021. Her choice to study a major quite different from her previous experiences was aimed at meeting the demands of her work and personal development.

Yinzhou College of Ningbo OU provides each student with a "dual-tutor" system comprising an academic mentor and an advisor. The academic mentor focuses on professional teaching, conducting online and offline Q&A sessions and interactive teaching activities, while the advisor assists students in academic management and study planning.

Under the careful guidance of her mentors, Xu Haixia started from scratch and, after two and a half years of study, successfully obtained a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Open University of China.

"I am grateful to the university for providing me with the opportunity for lifelong learning; this is another 'refueling station' in my life," Xu Haixia expressed. She cited the flexible learning schedule, diverse learning methods, and excellent teaching staff as reasons for choosing to study at Yinzhou College of Ningbo OU.

Daily teaching scenarios at Yinzhou College of Ningbo OU

Yinzhou College of Ningbo Open University, formerly Yinzhou Radio and TV University, has actively adapted to local economic and social development needs since its establishment. It focuses on the local community, rural areas, and grassroots level, utilizing the system's educational advantages to expand educational channels, improve educational levels, innovate teaching modes, enhance educational quality, and increase the scale of education. The college has developed a model with open education as the main focus, while promoting the coordinated development of community education and elderly education.

Currently, the college offers 12 undergraduate programmes and 7 junior college programmes, with over 1800 adult students enrolled. In 2009, Yinzhou College of Ningbo Open University was recognised as one of China's first exemplary grassroots radio and TV universities, ranking among the top 50 at the grassroots level nationwide.


Reprinted by OUC News Network from Yinxiang App