To recognise excellence and set examples, the Communist Youth League of Sichuan Province and the Sichuan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security have decided to award the 27th "Sichuan Youth May Fourth Medal" to 20 individuals, including Wang Cheng.

Among the recipients is Peng Junsong, a student at the Chengdu Branch of the Open University of China (OUC), who is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Law starting from the autumn term of 2023.

Chengdu OU student Peng Junsong, first on the right

Peng Junsong, a veteran and a member of the Communist Party of China, serves as the Party secretary of Tumengyalian Village, which is located in Longsheng Town, Daying County, Suining City. Committed to contributing to his hometown's development, he has led the Village's Party members and villagers in taking advantage of the Party's strong organisational role and identifying "five major revitalisations" to address historical problems, develop collective village industries, and build model villages that promote prosperity and address the well-being of its residents. The result of this effort is the reception of over 20,000 tourists in Tumengyalian Village in 2023, generating a revenue of more than 5.86 million yuan, securing employment for 467 individuals, and raising the per capita income by over 5,000 yuan."


By Chengdu Open University