On 28 April 2024, the ceremony celebrating the International Labour Day and the National May 1st Labour Medal and the National Model Worker Vanguard Award commendation took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

During the event, 255 National May 1st Labour Certificates of Merit, 1088 National May 1st Labour Medals, and 1034 National Model Worker Vanguard Awards were presented. Bu Weiwei, a Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation graduate from Xiangtan branch school of Hunan Open University(OU), was honoured to receive the National May 1st Labour Medal.

From studying at Hunan Industry Polytechnic to graduating from Hunan Open University, Bu Weiwei gradually grew into the youngest senior engineer at Jianglu Machinery Electronics Group Co., Ltd. He now receives national recognition, but humbly attributes his success to the nurturing he received from his universities and the company.

During his time at Hunan Industry Polytechnic, Bu Weiwei participated in and secured first place in the Hunan Province Computer Numeric Control Competition. Due to his exceptional technical skills, he was recruited by Jianglu Machinery Electronics Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, as exceptional talent. He joined the Luo Jun Skill Master Studio, specialising in precision CNC milling machine processing, and dedicated himself to resolving technical challenges faced by various research projects.


In 2021, Bu Weiwei once again made significant contributions to the company following his graduation from Hunan OU. During the production process of a certain research side panel component, the product experienced deformation, leading to inadequate flatness after processing and a high rejection rate. Detecting this issue, Bu Weiwei utilized the theoretical knowledge acquired during his studies at Hunan OU, researched extensive reference materials, and successfully overcame the obstacle. He subsequently published a paper and obtained patent authorization, thereby generating substantial economic benefits for Jianglu Machinery Electronics Group Co., Ltd.

Colleagues from the group company informed reporters that Bu Weiwei has taken on numerous challenging tasks during the past 15 years. Throughout the part processing process, he has faced countless setbacks. However, with meticulous thinking and exceptional technical abilities, he has triumphed over one difficulty after another, creating a series of high-quality products.

Today, as the head of the Skill Team within the Technical Quality Office at Jianglu Machinery Electronics Group Co., Ltd., Bu Weiwei leads the team in various tasks such as skill research, transforming achievements, and training young employees, thus establishing a robust learning-oriented team.

Bu Weiwei reflects, "Learning should be a regular practice. With a solid theoretical foundation, we can better broaden our thinking and elevate our skill levels." He frequently encourages young workers to embody the spirit of craftsmanship excellence while maintaining a continuous passion and drive for learning, emphasising the importance of drawing wisdom and strength from their educational endeavours.


By Hunan Open University  Source: Hunan Daily