I remember it was a Saturday on March 17, 2012, at the routine opening ceremony and training session held each term for new students of open education at Gansu Radio and TV University’s (RTVU) Agricultural Reclamation Hexi Branch School, where I work.

“Congratulations! You are admitted as a new student of Pingshan College in the major of accounting in 2015.” Currently, at the registration site in Pingshan School of Shenzhen Radio and Television University(RTVU), Lv Wenbin, the dean of the School expressed congratulations while affectionately holding the hands of Zeng Cuiru. “Thanks to Pingshan School for giving me the opportunity to realize my college dream. I will certainly study hard.” Zeng Cuiru smiled broadly, showing the excitement in her heart.

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the graduation of the first batch of Liberal Arts students from the Radio and Television University (RTVU). Among the first Liberal Arts graduates, in 30 years, one student has established a conglomerate with the assets amounting to billions of renminbi and has been paying back into society with his substantial assets. That student is Wang Ruoxiong, a “National Outstanding Graduate”of RTVU”. 

From a peach broker to a small shop owner. From a small restaurant owner to a farm-based agritainment operator. From running alone to bringing together a whole village ...His progress seemed trivial, yet every successful transition embodied the wisdom of an entrepreneur. He has been honored as a "Top Ten Young Entrepreneur, Shunping County", a "Labour Model of Baoding City", a "Youth Leader for Achieving Prosperity in Hebei Province", and a "Labour Model of Hebei Province". In May 2015, he was granted the title of "National Labour Model" by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and participated in the award ceremony held at the Great Hall of the People. He is Zhang Guoqiao, an alumnus of Baoding Radio and Television University (RTVU) and Deputy Party Secretary of the branch of Nantaiyu village, Taiyu Township, Shunping County.

Recently, Ms. Sun Zhijuan, a teacher at the School of Engineering of the Open University of China (OUC) was honored as a Vanguard Party Member by the Ministry of Education (MOE).Sun loves her career in the OUC. By taking "unite colleagues, study hard, and do a solid job" as her guidelines, she has constantly improved her ideological level, work ability, and research capacity.

Associate Professor Han Yanhui from the School of Foreign Languages of the Open University of China(OUC) has been named a “Vanguard Party Member” by the Ministry of Education(MOE). In 2014, Han Yanhui undertook the “Six Network Integration”teaching model promoted by the OUC with the online core curriculum and began the trial construction of a teaching team. As an ordinary English teacher from the School of Foreign Languages, under the guidance of the outline and the overall arrangements for the important work of the university, Han Yanhui tried hard to explore the OUC’s “cross-regional and one-stop online teaching and learning model reform”.

Zhao Ping is a riveter on the middle-outer frame team for airplane wing general assembly at the Components Factory of Hanzhong Airplane Branch of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). He has been honoured as a National Model Worker, National Senior Technician, Senior Expert of AVIC, and Third-grade Technical Specialist of Hanzhong Airplane Branch Components Factory of AVIC. He graduated with a major in Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation Specialty from Hanzhong Radio and Television University (RTVU) in 2014. 

The International Red Cross recently posted its list of recipients of the 2015 Nightingale Medal on their website. 36 nurses from 18 countries worldwide were awarded with the distinguished honor, with 5 nurses from China included in the list, making it the country with the highest number of winners. Ms. Du Liqun, a remarkable Guangxi RTVU alumna was honored to be placed on the list.