Roses given, fragrance in hand. A group of Sichuan RTVU students have begun focusing their efforts on their hometowns. Wherever they go, they have their hometown and the local people in mind. While some grow wealthy after starting up their own business, they never forget to repay their hometown. They help the poor left-behind children and other people living in poverty, as well as contribute to the development of their hometown. To them, devotion itself is a form of happiness.

Sichuan Daily reports that a group of Radio and TV University (RTVU) alumni have been working in Sichuan’s remote mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas for decades. They have chosen a life of poverty, making their contribution to rural education. Through their work they have sown the seeds of hope for children in these areas.

According to a report from, although Zhang Yufang, a girl born in the 1990s from Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, suffers from “porcelain doll disease”, her attitude to life remains optimistic. When the reporter met her at People's Hospital in Wuqing District, Tianjin yesterday, she was wheeling her chair back and forth, helping the other patients on her ward who had already been discharged to copy their medical records.

At the end of 2012, I left the PLA troops stationed in Tibet I had served with for two years. I returned to my familiar, yet strange home. I didn’t feel myself because of my sudden departure from the stressful army life. As I was used to a low oxygen environment, I also felt drowsy all day. After staying at home for half a month, I came to Dongxing, a southern border city, following my parents’ advice.

A newspaper headline recently caught my eye. The article was regarding the “Unfavourable for Admission” policy regarding college entrance examinations during the eight years from 1958 to 1965.

 Part 1: Opening

Editor’s Note:

Ruan Wenping, an ordinary primary school teacher living and working in a mountain village, suffers from a childhood illness-induced disability and has some difficulty in walking.

For many years, I dreamt of attending university. Because my family was poor, I failed to attend college after the college entrance examination. After entering the workforce, I came to feel that my limited knowledge hampered my ability to fulfill employer’s needs . Thus the idea of reinventing myself came to me: perhaps the university dream should not turn into a lifelong regret.

On February 1, 2016, a commendation conference recognizing National Outstanding Migrant Workers and Advanced Units of Migrant Workers was held in Beijing. A total of 981 excellent migrant workers attended the meeting, including five Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU) alumni, who have obtained new knowledge mastered new skills and became knowledgeable, innovative, technologically-gifted professionals after their studies at the RTVU.