For years, people have been asking me the same question:“Zi Yan, as a writer, is it useful for you to study at a Radio and Television University(RTVU)?” I want to say that any useful learning is good for personal development.

As an open university class tutor, I often wonder how to be a tutor popular with the students, but the only answer is student satisfaction. Over the past year, I came across students who were “grabbing for paper qualifications”, “hard to communicate with” or “unreasonable”. But now, they are all good, sensible students.

In December 2015 the author took a bus through wind and rain from Anshun to the Radio and Television University(RTVU) Workstation at Puding County, to interview an ordinary RTVU female student named Yang Yan.

In spring 2010, you became a freshman at Sichuan Radio and Television University(Sichuan RTVU).

On the morning of November 22, 2015, heavy snow fell in Beijing. The whole city was blanketed in snow, with only a few pedestrians and vehicles on the road. However, the heavy snow did not dampen the enthusiasm of Beijing Experimental School.

Li Wanjun’s Background:

Li Wanjun graduated in 2012 with a specialty in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation (Information Technology Direction)from the junior college at Changchun Radio & Television University(Changchun RTVU).

I remember it was a Saturday on March 17, 2012, at the routine opening ceremony and training session held each term for new students of open education at Gansu Radio and TV University’s (RTVU) Agricultural Reclamation Hexi Branch School, where I work.

“Congratulations! You are admitted as a new student of Pingshan College in the major of accounting in 2015.” Currently, at the registration site in Pingshan School of Shenzhen Radio and Television University(RTVU), Lv Wenbin, the dean of the School expressed congratulations while affectionately holding the hands of Zeng Cuiru. “Thanks to Pingshan School for giving me the opportunity to realize my college dream. I will certainly study hard.” Zeng Cuiru smiled broadly, showing the excitement in her heart.