On 28 April 2024, the ceremony celebrating the International Labour Day and the National May 1st Labour Medal and the National Model Worker Vanguard Award commendation took place at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

During the event, 255 National May 1st Labour Certificates of Merit, 1088 National May 1st Labour Medals, and 1034 National Model Worker Vanguard Awards were presented. Mao Weimin, a student in the autumn 2023 class of Administrative Management undergraduate programme for model workers (craftsmen) of the School of Public Administration at Fujian Open University (OU), was honoured to receive the National May 1st Labour Medal.


Mao Weimin at work

Mao Weimin, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and a veteran, currently serves as the head of the Enforcement Group of the Fuzhou Municipal Forestry Law Enforcement Detachment and a senior technician. Devoting 35 years to forestry frontline law enforcement, he has frequently been recognised as a "Provincial Model Forestry Worker," "Excellent Communist Party Member," and "Outstanding Party Affairs Worker," among others. He has also been awarded the titles of "Fuzhou City Moral Model," "Fuzhou City's Third Most Beautiful Veteran," "Fujian Province May 1st Labour Medal," and "National May 1st Labour Medal."

Firm in political ideology, constantly seeking practical and innovative approaches to law enforcement work

Mao Weimin has made significant contributions to his field. He exemplifies the role of a CPC member, enforcing the law with a rigorous style and completing his duties with dedication and responsibility. He has strengthened his theoretical and professional knowledge, summarizing his experiences in law enforcement cases, and has published several papers in national CN journals on the subject of administrative law enforcement. His diligence in research and innovation led to the acquisition of a utility model patent in February 2024, uniquely innovating the existing pointer-type irrigation machine to design and manufacture the largest irrigation machine, capable of watering an area of several thousand acres with a single unit.

A highly responsible and courageous law enforcement officer

In the process of combating illegal activities damaging forest resources, he frequently faces obstruction and violent resistance from offenders, posing constant dangers even risking his life. Over the span of more than three decades, he has handled over 1,800 cases involving illegal timber transportation, confiscating more than 8,900 cubic meters of illicit timber, and addressing over 330 cases of illegal land occupation, ecological inspections, and environmental protection violations. He has successfully recovered over 19 million yuan in economic losses for the nation, transferred more than 50 criminal cases related to forestry, and addressed over 230 cases involving responses to NPC deputies’ proposals, petition investigation and review, and cases under higher-level supervision. He has effectively managed several significant forestry-related cases without error, achieving a 100% resolution rate, thus making remarkable contributions to forest protection in the provincial capital and serving as a role model within the forestry sector.

Inheriting and carrying forward the revolutionary spirit, caring for the disabled and needy veteran soldiers

He also serves as the deputy chief of the Fuzhou Veterans Caring Association's propaganda team. Since joining the propaganda team in 2023, he has taken practical actions to carry forward the volunteer service spirit and exemplify the role of veterans. He cares for and supports veterans in need, pools social resources, and stirs up the patriotic feelings of entrepreneurs and compassionate individuals in society. His meritorious deeds have received considerable recognition from the Fuzhou Veterans Affairs Bureau and the leadership of the Fuzhou Veterans Caring Association. Veterans commend and acknowledge his efforts, and he has been conferred with the honourary title of "2023 Annual Veteran Care Ambassador."


By Fujian Open University