Wang Hongmei, a deputy to the 14th National People's Congress (NPC), pursued a major in Administration through an undergraduate programme beginning in the autumn of 2021 at Ningde Open University.

She currently holds the position of senior technician at Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2017, Wang Hongmei, a young woman from Henan, joined Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd., starting her career as a skilled worker. Thanks to the excellent development platform provided by her company, Wang quickly evolved into an accomplished technician within the new energy battery industry, demonstrating her remarkable ability to learn and work.

Wang Hongmei's background as an industrial worker has been instrumental in her success as an NPC deputy. Her firsthand experience on the frontline has made her acutely aware of the crucial role that scientific and technological innovation and technical talent play in companies, as well as the desires of industrial workers for clear pathways to career advancement. Consequently, she frequently engages with her colleagues in her free time to gain insights into their needs and ambitions. Furthermore, her focus extends to advancing the high-quality development of the lithium battery industry, prompting her to conduct field research in locations such as Fu Zhou, San Ming, Nan Ping, and Ning De.

2023 marked the beginning of Wang Yumei's tenure as a deputy to the 14th NPC. During a session of the 14th NPC, she introduced several proposals, including the "Proposal on Strengthening Intellectual Protection within New Energy Sector to Foster Companies with Global Competitiveness," the "Proposal on Accelerating the Opening-up and Development of Sanduao, Ningde," and the "Proposal on Including White Fungus as a Supported Crop to Receive Enhanced Government Assistance." These proposals highlighted her successful debut in fulfilling her responsibilities as a deputy.

During this year's Two Sessions, Wang Hongmei plans to introduce more proposals on topics including the high-quality development of the lithium battery industry, intellectual property protection within the new energy sector, and the establishment of standards for electricity carbon emissions. These efforts are aimed at meeting the demand for new quality productive forces and facilitating industrial transformation and upgrading. Wang seeks to win the critical battle of industrial transformation and upgrading by accelerating equipment updates and technical retrofits, promoting intelligent and digital transformations, maintaining the distinct advantages of the extended industry, and supporting Fujian's development of new quality productive forces. 


Compiled by OUC News Network from Fujian Daily, WeChat Official Accounts of NPC, Fujian PC, and Civilized Fujian