The Research Reports on the Development of Chinese Distance Higher Education series systematically summarises China's rich experience in the development of distance higher education over the past 30 years, in particular, after 1999.

Case Studies on World Open Universities (hereinafter referred to as the Case Studies), which was planned and organised by the Open University of China (OUC), is the first large series of full spectrum studies on open universities around the world.

The International Open and Distance Education Database was developed by the Education Research Institute of the Open University of China (OUC), with the aim of providing important information for the development of research and practices in international distance education.

Different from regular forms of higher education, distance education mainly targets part-time adult learners. Such difficulties as the tension between employment and study, as well as the lack of exchanges with fellow students and teachers mean that the adult-learner-based learning support services are an essential and difficult issue in modern ODE. Since 1999, when OUC launched its Pilot Programme (the Pilot Programme for Reform on Talent Cultivation Mode and Open Education), the Institute of Open and Distance Education has conducted extensive surveys, studied learning support services, and published many reports, articles and books.