The Project, oriented towards distance education learners and adult learners, focuses on the features of learners (such as self-efficacy, attribution, learning strategy, and learning motivations), learning effectiveness, skills training, course design and development, prior learning assessment, learning community (on-line practice community), tutoring in ODE setting (including on-line tutoring), and the roles of ODE practitioners.

The ongoing programmes or subjects include:

  • "Livelihood Skills Training for the Migrant Population", a UNESCO Education Programme in 2009;
  • "Innovation Study on Chinese Farmers", a Sino-British (Nottingham University) joint programme;
  • "Study on the Retention of Learning Motivation of Students in Modern ODE Programmes", a CAHE programme in 2007;
  • "Study on the Prior Learning Assessment of Professionals", a programme approved by OUC in 2007 .
  • We also have a joint programme on PLAR with Thompson Rivers University (Canada).

Since 2007, we have published a number of articles, including the "Preparation and Application of the Assessment Tools for the Learning Motivations of Distance Learners", "A Cluster Study on Distance Learners", "Moderating Role of On-line Self-efficacy in the Relationship between Learning Strategy and On-line Performance", "Adult Learning and Campus Culture in Distance Education", "Preparation of Questionnaires for the On-line Study Community", "Study on the Student Support Services in Distance Education", "A Process Study based on Interactive Analysis and Coordination—A Case Study on the On-line Course of 'Introduction to e-Learning'", "ICT Application in Social Undertaking as a Way to Reduce the Digital Divide between Regions—Explorative Study into On-line Training Programme", "Study on the Support of the On-line Practice Community to Continuing Occupational Training"; "Amendment and Measurement of the Questionnaire for the Learning Strategies of Distance Learners", "Problem-Orientation as Decisive Principle for Web-based Learning to Support Professional Development", "Characteristics of Distance Learner Research on the Relationships among Learning Motivation, Learning Strategy, Self-efficacy, Attribution, and Learning Results", "Study on Increasing the Self-efficacy of Distance Learners through QQ Group Teaching", "Study on the Relationship among the Learning Motivations, Self-efficacy, Attribution, and Learning Strategies of Distance Learners", "Analysis on the Career Development of Distance Education Practitioners", and "Theory and Practice on Prior Learning Assessment". Other projects, such as the "Time Distribution of Student Dropouts in Distance & Open Education (2008)", a project commissioned by the Beijing Office for Education Sciences Planning, and "Analysis on the Employment of Graduates from Secondary Vocational Schools in China", a National Planning Project in Education Sciences, are still ongoing.