On 14th July 2018, Shandong Radio and TV University (Shandong RTVU) launched its summer vacation social activities in the targeted village with the theme of “Supporting Poverty-Stricken Villages Through Teaching Aid”.

On 24th August, 2018, a delegation of 8 people from the OUC, including Party secretary and president Yang Zhijian and vice president Liu Chen, went to Shenzhen RTVU to provide guidance. Party secretary and president of Shenzhen RTVU Zhong Zhihong, vice president Wang Liang, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and vice president Hu Xinsheng, as well as other department heads, joined them and exchanged views.

In recent years, RTVUs in China have shifted their focus from degree education to equal priority on both degree education and non-degree education; from school education to the simultaneous promotion of school education and social education; from teaching to parallel development of teaching and research; and from closed self-development to open coordinated development. Against this background, and faced with enrolment pressure and fierce market competition, in recent years, Qinghai Radio and TV University (RTVU) has created a new internet-based layout relying on the modern distance education network platform to advance employee education, community education, senior citizen education, and various other types of training.

Every Tuesday, 72-year-old Grandpa Chen comes to the Calligraphy Experience Centre at Tianjin Radio and TV University (Tianjin RTVU) for his calligraphy lesson.

On 20th July 2018, a conference on development strategy was held at Guangdong Open University (Guangdong OU, Guangdong Polytechnic Institute).

Hangzhou RTVU for Older Adults was founded in September 1998, and now has one demonstration-teaching site and 8 affiliated teaching sites.

Recently, the reporter learned that by 2020, Radio and Television Universities (RTVUs) at all levels in Sichuan province will be among the first in the country and the leading ones in the west of China to be basically transformed into modern open universities. A Mutual Credit Recognition Alliance, composed of colleges and universities, RTVUs, and training institutions, will be established for the credit bank of lifelong education in Sichuan Province.

Recently, the documentary "Flakes" by Cheng Wen, a teacher at the Ningbo Radio and TV University (Ningbo RTVU), was shortlisted for the "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day: Non-Material Cultural-Heritage Film Festival", jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture (MOC) Centre for Ethnic and Folk Literature and Art Development and the National Library of China.