The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Hebei Province recently issued the Notice on the Approval of the Establishment of the Second Group of the Continuing Education Base for Professional Technicians at Provincial Level by Hebei RTVU (Jinrenshezi 【2015】No.107), which indicates that Hebei RTVU has been approved to be the continuous education base for professional technicians at provincial level.

The School for the Disabled, Shenyang Radio and TV University (Shenyang RTVU) recently reached an agreement with Grand Hyatt Shenyang. According to the agreement, the School for the Disabled, Shenyang RTVU will train, prepare and send students of excellent ability to Grand Hyatt Shenyang on a yearly basis. On the part of the hotel, regular arrangements for the disabled students to visit and practice in the hotel will be made every year. It is the first time that Shenyang RTVU has taken education for the disabled students into the university’s student employment category. 

The first batch of students from School of Tourism of OCT East of Shenzhen Radio &Television University(RTVU)performing arts major (dance performance orientation) graduated recently. All the graduates participated in the performance of a new version of “Tianshan” in the main theatre of Shenzhen OCT East on June 25, 2015. A graduation performance, with the theme of“Years Pass Like Songs”, was also held, showcasing the RTVU students’ skill and style. 

On June 26th, 2015, Guangdong Radio and TV University(RTVU) and Guangdong Provincial Financial Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Association(FCRIPA) signed a“Cooperative Agreement about Financial Education for Communities to Help with Entrepreneurial Innovation for Youth”.

On June 27, 2015 an inaugural meeting was held to found the Professional Manager Training Institute of Anhui Radio and TV University(RTVU), under the guidance of the Professional Manager Research Centre of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council(SASAC) and the Economic and Information Committee of Anhui Province, and co-sponsored by Anhui RTVU and Anhui Provincial Federation of Youth Managers.

The Department of Moral Education, Ministry of Education (MOE) recently announced the results of the excellent achievements for the 8th Colleges and Universities Campus Culture Construction, in which RTVU Village Library – Book Culture Site, recommended by Inner Mongolia Radio and TV University (RTVU), was awarded the excellent prize. The committee also announced other prizes including 10 special awards, 30 first prizes, 60 second prizes, and 106 excellent prizes. 

On June 18, 2015, a charity show with the theme of "Youth are the Future of Industry" was held at Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone. The show was organized by Hefei Harmony Association, in association with Anhui Radio and TV University (Anhui RTVU).

On June 25, 2015,783 students from the first group of the “Village Officials Go to College” programme graduated from Guangzhou RTVU. With an average age of 40, these students are at the centre of the construction of village organizations in rural areas that have helped villages to increase their prosperity.