In March 2015, the mobile learning platform “Classmate App”,jointly developed by Guizhou Radio and TV University (RTVU) and RTVU Online Distance Education Technology Co., Ltd.,began being formally distributed across the Guizhou RTVU system.

Recently, the Shenzhen 7th Teaching Assistance Group for Educational Assistance in Xinjiang returned to Shenzhen having successfully completed their task.

Neijiang Radio and Television University(Neijiang RTVU)recently opened a new “Community College”column for Neijiang residents reading Neijiang Daily’s outdoor multimedia news system.

The second Online Learning Education training class for cadres in Pingliang,held recently through the Pingliang Branch of Gansu Radio & Television University (Gansu RTVU), summarized the first session of online learning education for cadres, actively improved previous inadequacies, and went all out to meet the individualized learning needs of students. Innovations were made around aspects listed below, with excellent results achieved.

On March 9, 2016, a kick-off meeting for the Tianjin Community Emergency Technician Vocational Skills Training was held at the China (Tianjin) Human Resources Development Centre.

Guangzhou’s first “corporate college” has innovated a new mobile learning method, enabling employees to learn on their own. Students now have the opportunity to improve their professional and general capabilities via learning software installed on tablet computers.

Jiashan College of Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU) recently opened enrollment for spring 2016 open education. Among registrants, one special person named Gu Weilin was honoured as the National Labor Model last year.

On the afternoon of March 1, 2016, Suqian Radio & TV University (Suqian RTVU) and (Jing Dong) held a signing ceremony formalizing their commitment to build a“JD Campus Practical Training Centre” in the VIP meeting room in Building A at JD (Suqian) Science and Technology Park.