Dalian Radio & TV University (Dalian RTVU) has always been dedicated to continuing education, and has been implementing the education policies put forward by the 19th CPC National Congress. Over the past four decades, Dalian RTVU has been working on cooperation and integration with traditional higher education, and has paid particular attention to the education of special groups and the needs of society as a whole.

The disabled make up one of these groups. In 2008, the Dalian RTVU School for the Disabled was founded, and became a pioneer in providing higher education to the disabled in Dalian city. Over the past ten years, around one thousand disabled students have graduated from Dalian RTVU; it has allowed them to realise their dream of going to college, and promoted the development of equal access to education. Dalian RTVU and the Dalian Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly established the Dalian RTVU Sunshine School in 2018, a major step in degree education for the disabled in Dalian, and a way to meet their diverse educational needs.

Prisoners are another group. In 2018, Dalian RTVU founded the Dalian RTVU Morning Light School jointly with the Dalian jail. In the fall of 2018 the school enrolled 20 prisoners in an open-education junior-college programme. The school sends teachers and resources into the jail in order to educate the prisoners there.

A third group is the police. In 2018, Dalian RTVU began cooperating with the Dalian Special Police Detachment to provide in-house teaching services, with over 40 officers enrolled in open-education junior-college studies. The programme has enhanced their overall development, improved their ability to enforce the law, and promoted the construction of the legal system in China.

The fourth and final group consists of the residents of islands and similar remote areas, who are limited by geography from access to education. What Dalian RTVU has done has been make use of modern internet technology and online-teaching teams to bring continuing education to these regions. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of their residents have graduated from Dalian RTVU, and made outstanding contributions to economic development in these areas.

By Dalian Daily