From November 2-4, 2015, Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU) launched the 2015 new tutors training programme for all tutors in the provincial RTVU system, with 110 front-line tutors from the province's RTVU system participating.

“You must cut off those dense, sick, and fragile branches. However, the key is to keep those fruit-bearing branches well,” said Zhou Xiaoyin, Chief Fruit Expert and team leader of Fruit Science and Technology Innovation in Lishui city, during an explanation of  key points in pruning kiwifruit during a course at the Xiangmiyuan Fruit Professional Cooperative Planting Base in Suichang County.

On August 13, 2015, “Anhui Province’s Education Event and People of 2014” awards ceremony was held in Hefei, an event jointly organized by the Press Office of Anhui Province’s Department of Education, Anhui Province’s Education Publicity Centre, and the Anhui Youth Newspaper. Anhui Open University (Anhui OU)’s major First Government-lead Initiative, “Online Adult Education Park,” was selected and awarded as “Anhui Province’s Education Event of 2014” and the Anhui OU won a prize recognizing its excellence in implementation.

A few days ago, Yongjia School of Zhejiang Radio and TV University(RTVU) held a signing ceremony for cooperation in education. Yongjia School signed an agreement with its partner Shanghai SUNHOVER Industrial Investment Group, and thus Yongjia took the lead in completing the reform of the system of school administration of the RTVU.

Recently, Wendeng School of Shandong RTVU held the award ceremony for the 2015 postgraduate students. The first batch of over 20 on-the-job postgraduate students from Wendeng tutorial centre of Shandong University of Technology were awarded academic degrees.

Recently, Shiyan RTVU (Education School) in Hubei province and Shiyan Municipal Federation of Trade Unions entered into negotiations and decided to open the junior college and undergraduate degree studies to model workers in the autumn of 2015. RMB120,000 will be contributed voluntarily by Shiyan RTVU (Education School) to help model workers enhance their academic and skill levels.

We have learnt from the Disabled Persons’ Federation(DPF) of Hebei Province recently that the 2015 Autumn enrollment for secondary vocational education in the School for the Disabled of Hebei Radio and TV University(Hebei RTVU) is underway now.

Hunan Radio and TV University (RTVU) has for the first time won a bid for four training projects of national primary and secondary school teachers. Among them, three projects, all for teachers in rural areas, will be undertaken independently by Hunan RTVU, including job orientation training for mathematics teachers from elementary schools, for chemistry teachers from junior high schools, and for counsellors from junior high schools.