On 21 November 2018, the Zhuanghe branch of Dalian Radio & TV University (Dalian RTVU) took students from the “One College Student per Village” programme into the fields for a practical class at the agricultural teaching centre of Landian town, Zhuanghe municipality.

Students visited factory-like seeding bases and edible fungus cultivation bases. Senior agronomists Sun Guangcai and Dai Chunzhong from Zhuanghe Municipal Agricultural Technical Research Centre gave practical lectures such as Edible Fungus Cultivation Technology and Double Crop High-Efficiency Tomato Cultivation Technology.

Dalian RTVU has made great efforts to implement the strategy for revitalising rural areas. Based on the “One College Student per Village” programme, Dalian RTVU launched the “Hundred-Village Rural Student Cultivation” programme. The programme includes classes of face-to-face teaching, internet lessons, and practices, providing students with diplomas as well as practical agricultural technology. Over the course of two to three years, Dalian RTVU plans to train farmers in each of 1,035 villages into professionals with skills who are willing and able to stay behind and work in rural areas. It is actively seeking a model of higher education to train professionals for the construction of new rural areas.

More than 60 people, including vice president of Dalian RTVU Liu Xiping, leaders from Zhuanghe Education Bureau, and leaders, teachers, and students from the Zhuanghe and Jinzhou branches of Dalian RTVU, took part in the activity. Dalian Daily, Dalian TV, and other media broadcast on-site reports.


By Dalian RTVU