In Xinchang county, Zhejiang province, they have a saying: You might not know the county leaders, but you must know Lv Weixing. Lv Weixing is an ordinary policeman from the Traffic Police Urban Duty Squadron of Xinchang County Public Security Bureau. However he has two unusual nicknames:“Black Lord Bao” and “Street Angel”(with the connotation of lord of justice and protector of the streets).

Gansu Cadre Online School was inaugurated at Gansu Radio and TV University (RTVU) on June 10, 2015, which indicating that new progress has been achieved in the reform of cadre education and training in Gansu province. Hao Yuan, Vice Governor of Gansu province, Chen Weizhong,  Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Gansu Provincial Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony, in which Mr. Chen also announced the Announcement of the Foundation of Gansu Cadre Online School and when Zhu Weiguo, Secretary of the Party Committee from Gansu RTVU hosted the ceremony and gave a speech.

On May 28, 2015 the inauguration ceremony of the “Anhui RTVU Village Library”, donated and founded by the RTVU at Caobei village, Zhaoji township in Taihe county, was held in Anhui RTVU’s targeted poverty alleviation unit - the Maying Primary School. 

Based on the fact that students participating in the “One College Student per Village” pilot programme in rural areas of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region live in remote and scattered areas and lack the channels to acquire knowledge and information due to relatively limited access to the Internet, Inner Mongolia Radio and TV University(IMRTVU) recently founded “One College Student per Village" Learning Newsletter to meet the learning needs of students in rural areas.

Guangzhou Teachers e-Home ( is sponsored by the Guangzhou Bureau of Education, undertaken by Guangzhou Education Union, and co-sponsored by Guangzhou Radio and TV University (RTVU) and Guangzhou Distance Education Centre. Since its launch two years ago, more than 110,000 teachers have registered as members of the website, with more than 2,400 topics being discussed.

Registration for appointments for finals testing for online courses at Nanjing Radio and Television University (Nanjing RTVU) in the spring of 2015 were completed smoothly by May 24th. With 46 available courses in the pilot test appointment programme, 1,174 applicants have registered for their test appointment.

To better explore the personnel training mode oriented to the needs of society, to address the problems encountered in the process of self-directed learning and online learning, and to provide sound support services for students, Liaoning Radio and TV University (Liaoning RTVU) launched personalized guide learning activities in four forms in May, 2015, mainly including face-to-face tutoring, seminars, formative assessment and evaluation, and pre-exam subject tutoring.

To further deepen the cooperation in running schools with industry and enterprises, and enlarge the social impact of RTVU education, the Open University of Fujian and the Fujian branch of Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on May 21, 2015, agreeing to promote media convergence and the development of lifelong education.