Recently, Dong Lin, an impoverished girl from Xihe village, Xinzhou District, Wuhan, who has an intellectually disabled mother, a physically disabled grandfather and a physically disabled father who died in March of this year, went to register at her school with 4,000 yuan that was given to her by a man called Uncle Wei.

Sichuan Radio and TV University (RTVU) is a new type of higher education institute specializing in distance education using modern information technology, such as networks and mobile terminals.

On the night of September 10, 2016, CCTV 1 broadcast the awards ceremony for the “2016 Search for China's Most Beautiful Teachers” public welfare event.

People who studied at a radio and television university (RTVU) in the 1980s generally had a deep understanding of the difficulties of studying there. In 1982, right when I was 28 years old, I was recruited by Xi'an Department Store and was engaged in news reporting in their propaganda department.

"It's been a long time since I left my hometown. My hometown has undergone great changes, even the village committee compound has been covered with wifi, which was opened by the residency working group.

The review process for the "Seeking the Most Beautiful National Volunteer Teachers & My Volunteer Story" activity was concluded recently. The activity was overseen by Ministry of Education and China Volunteer Service Federation. National Association of Volunteer Teachers worked together with China Education Press to carry out the activity. Ren Zhiyong from Changchun RTVU was shortlisted for the Most Beautiful National Volunteer Teacher.

According to, several tutors from Changde RTVU recently visited Pinghu Kindergarten in Danzhou Town, Wuling District to present an OUC junior college graduation certificate to Tian Lei, whose tuition fees were funded by Changde RTVU. Tian Lei is one of the first batch of tuition-free students funded by Changde RTVU to receive a diploma.

In order to promote the construction of a learning society in Guangzhou, meet the needs of social education for the general public and create an atmosphere of positive lifelong learning, Guangzhou Radio & Television University (Guangzhou RTVU) has been exploring a new pattern of social education focusing on community education, education for the elderly and vocational education. It has been developing a series of free high-quality public lectures: “Guangzhou Lifelong Learning Lectures” and “Vocational Skills Training Projects”.