Recently, on the campus of Zhejiang Radio and Television University (Zhejiang RTVU), a contest related to traditional Chinese culture has been in full swing. A series of educational films on local traditional culture were created by the RTVU, and an online competition related to its content was set up on the Zhejiang Learning Network. Nearly 10,000 students from the provincial RTVU system have participated, and it has gained a large social-media following in Zhejiang.

In recent years, Zhejiang RTVU has been innovative in using IT to bring regional traditional culture into its curriculum, with this contest being only one facet of its work.

Zhejiang RTVU is an important centre of instruction about the traditional culture of the region, giving students a broad understanding of it and strengthening their love of their home province.

Zhejiang RTVU has been taking advantage of its wide system in terms of both branches and IT. Through a project titled "One Product for One Place", it has created a series of films about local traditional culture, featuring folk art, historic buildings, and regional festivals, celebrities, food and dialects, telling the stories and conveying the values of the region.

Since its implementation in 2015, the project has covered Xiaoshan hand-embroidered lace, the rolling lamps of Haiyan, the Tiange folk music of Jiashan, the Xishi snacks of Zhuji, bamboo fans in Zhangwu, Anji, boxwood carving in Yueqing, the yellow wine of Shaoxing, the celadon ware of Longquan, and other topics.

In order to bring the films to a larger audience, Zhejiang RTVU has collaborated with media platforms such as the "Zhijiang Education Resources” network, the School for Older Adults ( ), the Zhejiang Learning Network, Zhejiang Lifelong Learning Online, and the Zhejiang Community Education Network.

In addition, Zhejiang RTVU has launched promotions such as the "Shaping Red Classics, Reproducing Reform Achievements" Student Micro-video Contest, a painting and calligraphy competition for provincial RTVU staff, an open lecture on Chinese Classical Toys in Music Studies, a cartoon competition related to Integrity Culture, and community activities related to regional culture.

By using and producing resources, expanding its curriculum, and taking advantage of IT, Zhejiang RTVU has taken great strides toward disseminating traditional culture.

According to its leadership, Zhejiang RTVU will continue to develop along those lines and in this direction in the future.

By Wang Titi and Hu Zhibiao from