On 17th March 2017, Ningxia RTVU received about 39 international students from Oman, i.e., the first batch of international students enrolled by the university since its foundation, which signifies that the “Belt and Road” initiative positively implemented by Ningxia RTVU has officially started and that the educational standard in Ningxia RTVU is greatly improved. On 20th March, Ningxia RTVU held the opening ceremony for its first batch of international students.

Teaching and teaching management work at Xi’an RTVU’s Dananmen Study Centre has now fully entered the new mobile learning era thanks to the use of the latest information technology, such as online enrolment, the promotion of mobile learning, and WeChat-based learner support services.

Gansu Education Department recently released the list of winners of the 2016 Teaching Achievement, Teaching Quality Project and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Project, in which three teaching outcomes from Gansu RTVU received the Teaching Achievement Prize.

During the opening ceremony for the 2016 Civilian Lifelong Learning event in Huzhou city, six units, including Huzhou City Library, Huzhou City Museum, Huzhou Museum of Science and Technology, the Public Training and Practice Centre, Hubi Museum, and Detaiheng Cultural Centre, were listed as the first batch of experiential bases for lifelong education and learning for Huzhou Radio and Television University (Huzhou RTVU), marking the official launch of a new way for Huzhou RTVU to join with social organisations to accelerate the integration and sharing of public resources.

The review and selection results of “2016 Chinese Academic Journals with International Brands” shows that the journal Modern Distance Education Research sponsored by Sichuan RTVU has been selected as an “Excellent Chinese Academic Journal with International Influence” for the first time.

Bao Xiahong, an RTVU student from Xiama village, Yunfeng township, Suichang County, recently won first prize for the fragrant tea he planted in the fourth session of the “Guoyin Cup” national tea contest. Commenting on the honour, Bao said: “It is extremely difficult to stand out in such an authoritative tea contest. Thanks to Suichang RTVU’s ‘Rural College Student Training Programme,’ I have learned lots of practical knowledge.”

On 25th November , 2016, a forum entitled "Fulcrum·Education Forum: Innovation Education: To Lead the Revival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education" as well as the inauguration ceremony for the Special Committee of Innovation Education under Qingdao Education Society (Qingdao ES) was held in Qingdao Radio and Television University (Qingdao RTVU, as represented by Qingdao Entrepreneurship University).

Gansu RTVU recently announced that one of its student, Gao Yu, has been admitted onto the International Chinese Language Education postgraduate programme at Northwest Normal University.