The training programmes sponsored by Gansu RTVU for leaders of poverty-relief and entrepreneurship in Gansu province kicked off recently.

In the enrolment for open education in the autumn 2016, Lishui Radio and Television University (RTVU), Zhejiang, introduced a four-measure package to help successfully manage enrolment during the autumn 2016 semester. The four measures are set out below.

Zhejiang RTVU’s elderly educational resources recently made their debut on the TV outlet, providing interesting learning resources for the elderly with its content ranging from culture to literature and health-care, etc.

Recently, Anhui RTVU organised for students from the flood-stricken Wuhu, Tongling and Ma’anshan branches to attend make-up examinations. The make-up examinations involved 106 courses and a total of 794 exams across five test centres.

The China Youth Internet Entrepreneurship Contest 2016 sponsored by the Central China Youth League recently concluded, in which the gold prize was awarded to Luozang Science and Technology Co., Ltd., i.e. the field training base of Qinghai RTVU’s Tibetan Computer outreach programme.

2016 National “Common People Learning Star” and “Lifelong Learning Brand Project” sponsored by China Adult Education Association unveiled the results of their recent evaluations.

On September 15, 2016, China launched the Temple II space laboratory using a Long March II F carrier rocket from the Jiuquan satellite launch centre.

Qin Zhenqiong, a female university graduate of Han nationality, is a senior lecturer of economic management at Dazhou Radio and Television University (RTVU) of Sichuan, and was the May 1st Labour Medal winner of Sichuan Province in 2007.