To enhance community education and the cultural life of residents, the finals of the 4th Nanjing "Mum's Taste" Cooking Competition, jointly hosted by the Nanjing Education Bureau, Nanjing Radio and TV University (Nanjing RTVU), and the Nanjing Women's Federation, and sponsored by Nanjing Yuhua Radio and TV University (Yuhua RTVU)and the Yuhua Street Office, was held in Yuhuatai Middle School in Nanjing.

Zhang Huang, vice president of Nanjing RTVU; Peng Yuanyuan, vice president of the Nanjing Women's Federation; Li Yating, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Nanjing Women's Federation; Liu Jianfeng, deputy director of the Nanjing RTVU Publicity Department; Qiu Jing, deputy director of the Nanjing RTVU Lifelong Education Service Centre; Sheng Hongxia, deputy director of the Yuhuatai District Education Bureau; Dong Hong, deputy director of the Yuhua Street Office, Yuhuatai District; Chen Lan, deputy director of the Yuhuatai District Women's Federation; Wang Chunlin, president of Yuhua RTVU; and Hang Bingquan, executive deputy principal of Yuhuatai Middle School, attended the event.

After "Nanjing Learning Online" opened online registration in April 2019, residents became active as both participants and spectators. A month of online selection led to 12 competitors being voted to take part in the finals held on 12 May, 2019. Promotion by "Nanjing Learning Online" led to the competition receiving widespread attention from the community; 63 dishes were collected, 59,411 votes were cast, and nearly 90,000 visitors took part in the event.

Before the finals, attendees from Yuhua Street and Yuhua Community cheered on the contestants with dances, giving a relaxed and happy atmosphere to the activities. Wang Chunlin, president of Yuhua RTVU, gave an enthusiastic speech, and Peng Yuanyuan, vice chair of the Nanjing Women's Federation, announced the start of the finals. Twelve contestants in chef's attire competed in three groups, and despite the simple ingredients, their skilled work led to delicious dishes being presented on the tables. Every contestant wore a sweet smile, a sign of the love of the mothers for their children, and yearning for a happy family life was conveyed by the common dishes. An attractive fragrance filled the venue, and Liu Hui, one of the contestants, shared a touching story behind the scenes.

The judges scored the dishes in terms of colour, fragrance, taste, and presentation, and the winning dishes were "Braised Fatty Pork with Preserved Vegetables," prepared by Qiu Yulan of Xishanqiao Street in Yuhuatai District, and "Magic Chicken with Chopped Green Onion", by Zhang Zuzhi of Yuhua Street. These were unanimously selected for their excellent flavor, beautiful appearance, and nutritional value.

This contest has been held for four years. It aims to promote interaction among community residents, gratitude in the young, and overall happiness. Its association with Mother's Day was no coincidence, and community education has strongly benefitted from it.

By Nanjing RTVU