Since its establishment in 2011, under the leadership of Xi'an municipal Party committee and government, Xi'an Community University has continuously exerted its advantages in distance education, built a lifelong learning brand, promoted the improvement of the civilisation quality of Xi’an’s citizens, and vigorously promoted the legal system construction of community education in Xi'an. In 2019, Xi’an Community University was awarded the honorary titles of "Outstanding Adult Continuing Education Institution with Outstanding Deeds" and “Outstanding Adult Continuing Education Institution.”

Actively Participated in the Formulation of Local Laws and Regulations for Community Education in Xi'an

The university has worked hand in hand with deputies from the Xi’an Municipal People's Congress to jointly write research reports and prepare draft proposals, which have attracted great attention from the Science, Education, Culture, and Health Committee of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress in Xi’an. It has also directly participated in the legislative research and drafting of formulation of regulations on the promotion of community education in Xi'an with the legal work committee of the Municipal People's Congress. Regulations on the Promotion of Community Education in Xi'an has been approved by the Standing Committee of the provincial and municipal People's Congress and will be implemented as of 1 January 2020. This will promote the legal standardisation of community education in Xi'an.

Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi’an Community University, Li Bin (first right), and its president, Zhao Liling (first left), accompanied a research group from the provincial People's Congress to visit the university’s smart learning experiential centre

Niu Li (middle), chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and Song Jun, vice president of the university (right), joined the provincial radio station’s interview programme Qinfeng Hotline to talk about Regulations on the Promotion of Community Education

Press conference for Regulations on the Promotion of Community Education in Xi’an

A delegation from the Education, Science, Culture, and Health Committee of the Municipal People's Congress came to the university to investigate its community education work

Actively Promoted to Incorporate Xi'an Community Education into "15 Minute Convenient Service Circle" Programme

Under the guidance of Xi'an Municipal Bureau of Education, Xi'an municipal community education evaluation standards have been formulated, the construction of a community education service environment has been accelerated, community tutorial centres have been promoted, community elderly education projects have been cultivated, various types of experimental education projects and citizen experience bases have been coordinated, and a convenient "Xi'an Model" community education shortcut service circle has been preliminarily formed.

A smart classroom at Xi'an Community University

Xi'an Community University study map

Actively Explored Community Family Education and Set up a Touring Lecturer Team

In May 2019, Xi’an Community University carried out special training on community family education, in which well-known experts and scholars we’re invited to train community educators in Xi'an so as to improve their professionalism and ability to serve community residents. In October, family education experts were organised to give theme lectures on "Learning to be Intelligent Parents, Cultivating Outstanding Children, and Building a Harmonious Community" at Xingfuli neighbourhood, Dizhang Street, Airport New City, Xixian New Area, Xi’an province. The experts compiled and printed a book titled Becoming a Smarter Parent, which is offered to community residents for free.

2019 Xi'an Community Education Workers Training

Family education experts giving lectures at Airport New City

Actively Carried out Teaching Competitions to Select “Outstanding Community Education Teachers"

The first Xi'an "Outstanding Community Education Teachers" competition was held. The municipal level final was divided into five groups, including traditional skills, humanistic arts, and professional skills. Sixty-five candidates from 16 districts and counties were shortlisted, which optimised the teaching team and created a reserve of teaching strength for community education in Xi'an.

The final of the traditional skills competition

Actively Offered Specialised Courses to Meet the Learning Needs of the Elderly

In 2019, more than 10 courses including vocal music, calligraphy, dance, erhu, guzheng, and piano were launched at the College of Senior Education of the university, which completed 175% of the enrolment plan and outperformed the enrolment tasks for 2019. Compared to the same period last year, enrolment increased by 40% and the annual number of trainees reaches nearly 1,000. The university’s senior education work university has been praised by the Open University of China (OUC). With the approval of the OUC, the OUC Open University for Older Adults in Xi'an was founded on the 40th anniversary of Xi'an Radio and TV University (Xi’an RTVU) in October. It will provide distance education and training resources for the elderly in order to meet their needs for lifelong learning.

OUC Open University for Older Adults in Xi'an

Actively Participated in Competitions and Achieved Excellent Results

In 2019, in the fifth NERC cup national community education outstanding micro-course selection event, the "Cadres Psychological Adjustment" course series recorded by the university won first prize; "The Classics of the Virtue of the Tao " series and the "Qinqiang" series won third prize; and the "Basic Knowledge of Labor Law" series won an award for excellence. The "Online Classroom for Civilised Citizens" programme was rated as a national "lifelong learning brand programme" in 2019. Two people recommended by the university, Sun Tao and An Qian, were awarded the title of "Ordinary People Learning Stars" in Shaanxi Province and Xi'an City in 2019.

Online learning resources offered by the citizens’ classroom

Award ceremony for "Ordinary People Learning Stars" in Xi'an in 2019

By Li Xinran, Zhuang Bofei and Yao Hui, Xi’an RTVU