On 15 April, 2019, a Sichuan Radio and TV University (Sichuan RTVU) Leadership Workshop was held at the Open University of China (OUC).

Yang Zhijian, OUC president, Wu Zhaohua, Sichuan RTVU vice president, Ye Zhihong, director of the OUC Academic Affairs Department, and eighteen Sichuan RTVU branch leaders attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Xie Li, vice dean of the Sichuan RTVU Training School.

Yang Zhijian delivered a speech at the ceremony, giving an overview of the 40 years of development of the RTVU as well as its goals and prospects, and acknowledging the significance of the workshop as president training being an essential way to ensure the sustainable development of the RTVU.

On behalf of Sichuan RTVU, vice president Wu Zhaohua expressed his heartfelt thanks to the OUC for its warm reception, and stated what was expected of the 18 workshop participants, emphasising the importance of communication and mutual assistance, as well as of finding practical applications for their learning.

Wang Yuping, vice president of Nanchong RTVU, spoke as both trainee and class monitor, expressing gratitude to the OUC and Sichuan RTVU for organising the workshop, conveying his pride at being able to take part, and stating his hope that the workshop would not be the last of its kind. His speech was well received by the other leaders.

After the opening ceremony, Ye Zhihong, director of the OUC Academic Affairs Department, Yuan Yaxing, deputy director of the OUC Information Technology Department, and Yan Xiaoping, deputy director of Party Affairs of the OUC Credit Bank, delivered lectures to the participants.

By Sichuan RTVU