On the afternoon of 24 March, 2019, the Open Education School of Zhejiang RTVU awarded degrees for the spring 2019 semester and held the freshman opening ceremony.

Zhejiang RTVU president and Party Committee deputy secretary Ye Hong, as well as Wang Zhengdong, vice president and Party Committee member, and Zhang Jixian, Party Committee member and director of the Publicity Department and the Department of Student Affairs, attended the ceremony. Major leaders of departments, such as the Academic Affairs Department and the Teaching Centre, bachelor-degree recipients of the Open Education School, class of 2018, and more than 200 freshmen also attended.

For the degree conferrals, 16 recipients in academic gowns stepped onto the stage one by one to shake hands with Ye Hong, obtain their degrees, and have their photos taken.

On behalf of the university, Wang Zhengdong congratulated the new graduates and encouraged them to continue striving. He also welcomed the new students, presenting the graduates to them as examples of the fruits of hard work, and making three demands of them. The first was to stick to their dreams – and not only to dream, but to work to realise the dream. The second, to be flexible in their approach to learning, and the third, to cooperate with and support each other. He also pointed out that the university is currently being upgraded with the help of the provincial government, and will be able to provide better learner support, and he asked the students to give it feedback based on their experiences there.

At the opening ceremony, teacher and student representatives gave speeches, and the Open Education School commended the students who had been named "Outstanding Student" and "Outstanding Learning-oriented Family" in 2018, while the students for spring 2019 were also given awards.

The ceremony was filled with a sense of teacher-student friendship and the feeling students had of belonging, and of being honoured to be open-education students.

Students who had obtained their degrees signed their names on the wall together with sentiments such as "Thank you RTVU" and "Hope the RTVU gets better and better", expressing their deep affection for their alma mater. Many of the new students said the ceremony inspired them to study hard to complete their degrees.

All the new students were divided into classes to attend orientation and class meetings. They listened to their class counselors explain the requirements and supply guidance on learning methods, giving them smooth entry to their classes and a solid foundation for their future studies.

By Zhejiang RTVU