The launch ceremony of Lifelong Learning for All Week in Tiantai County’s Jietou Township was held recently at the Cultural Auditorium of Zheqiu Village. Zhejiang Radio and TV University (Zhejiang RTVU) donated books to the village and made the learning network accessible.

In recent years, Zheqiu Village has been permeated with a strong learning atmosphere. Villagers frequently visit the Farmer Book Store at the Cultural Auditorium of Zheqiu Village. Cao Baoyan, a villager of nearly 80 years of age, is a frequent visitor to the Cultural Auditorium. He also studied at Tiantai RTVU in 2016.

Director Cao Bingliang from the village committee said, “The villagers in Zheqiu Village have a tradition of learning. In 2017, I became a rural college student and I gained a lot of new thoughts, knowledge, and skills through learning. Now, I am happy to be at home in serving the people and promoting rural revitalisation.”

Since Zhejiang RTVU established a targeted assistance relationship with Jietou Township, RTVUs at the county, city and provincial levels have worked together closely to implement farmer student cultivation projects. Over the last three years, Zhejiang RTVU has cultivated 240 farmer university students for all the villages in Jietou Township and they have played a leading, demonstrative role among the local people. Through the “rural college student cultivation programme,” outstanding farmer university students who can stay behind, work, and take the lead thanks to their strong feelings for the local rural land have been cultivated for Tiantai. Most of these students are cadres, Party members, and leaders in achieving prosperity in the village Party branch committee and the villagers committee, providing human resources and intellectual support for social and economic development in rural Jietou Township.

Thanks to Zhejiang RTVU’s poverty alleviation assistance through education, the lifelong learning atmosphere of Jietou Township is becoming stronger and stronger. To date, nearly 100 trainings, presentations, and lectures have been given in the township to provide the villagers with a platform and guarantee for lifelong learning. The university for the elderly and the community school in the township have attracted more than 10,000 people by offering unique courses. By relying on the cultural auditorium association, the township has organised over 20 art performance teams of more than 200 people. In addition, large scale activities, such as the celebration of the intangible cultural Lantern Festival, the Peach Blossom Festival, Graffiti Festival, and the Double Ninth Festival to pay respect to the elderly have been carried out. These activities have effectively improved the learning atmosphere of Jietou Township, raised the overall quality of the villagers, and hastened the progress of rural development.

By Zhejiang RTVU