On 22 October 2018, Fujian Radio and TV University (Fuzhou RTVU) and Yum China (Fuzhou) (Yum China is a leading restaurant company managing several famous brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Little Sheep) held a signing ceremony on learner development cooperation and the opening ceremony for the first Yum China open education class.

This marks the formal launch of Yum China Fuzhou’s Plan for Realising Dreams of Future Education. Fujian RTVU vice president Chen Zhanhong and Yum China (Fuzhou) general manager Lin Kuncai attended the ceremony and gave speeches. Over 60 people, including representatives of the students in the first class, relevant personnel from Yum (Fuzhou) and the publicity department of Fujian RTVU CPC Committee and the School of Public Administration, and reporters.

The first class of “Yum China’s Plan for Realising Dreams of Further Education” is trialing the Labour and Social Security major (Labour Relations Coordination orientation) (junior college programme) in open education. 155 staff members have signed up for the first batch, which will later be extended to other junior college and undergraduate programmes. Over the next five years, the RTVU will offer non-degree and degree education integrated services to about 10,000 employees in about 200 KFC and 80 Pizza Hut restaurants under the name of Yum China (Fuzhou). Furthermore, the credit bank mechanism for lifelong education will be utilised to provide lifelong education guidance support for the growth of the staff members, and to achieve the improvement of their degree levels and job skills without leaving their jobs or posts.

According to Chen Zhanhong, the cooperation between the RTVU and Yum China (Fuzhou) is an important way to deepen the integration between industry and education and to promote the natural connection between education and talent chains with industry and innovation chains. This is a major part of the implementation of Several Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Industries into Education. It is also a response to the Plan for Migrant Workers’ “Action of Realising Dreams of Further Education” from Fujian Education Department and the Fujian Federation of Trade Unions and the Improvement Action of “Realising Dreams of Further Education” for Workers in Fuzhou City. This will provide a human resources guarantee for the Striving to a New Stage in Building the New Fujian initiative.

He indicated that the RTVU would launch the next stage of Yum China Fuzhou’s Plan for Realising Dreams of Further Education in line with the principle of “geared to the demand of everyone for natural connection and multiple overpasses”. The first is to set up two key centres, the Fujian RTVU Centre for Teaching Practice at Yum China (Fuzhou) and the Yum China (Fuzhou) Centre for Chain Management Training at Fujian RTVU, to promote reform of the learner development model. The second is to build a “bridge” to provide integrated degree education teaching schemes and to integrate Yum China’s corporate culture and needs into the teaching plan of the specialty. With the joint participation of the university and the enterprise throughout the entire process of human resources cultivation, impetus will be given to the effective connection of “junior, undergraduate and postgraduate” education to build a “bridge” for the growth of the talents. The third is to open a credit bank channel. By relying on Fujian RTVU’s credit bank of lifelong education, lifelong learning records for degree education learning and non-degree education training can be kept for Yum China (Fuzhou) students in order to realise the certification, accumulation, and transfer of learning results.

Lin Kuncai indicated that Yum China would adhere to the enterprise’s people-centric personnel training concept and the core value of “joint contribution and gains for win-win results.” Attention will be paid to the cultivation of younger personnel. It is hoped that the cooperation will help the employees o to build a complete lifelong education and vocational development channel, and to form a solid pool of human resources for Yum China's future development in Fujian.

The dean of Fujian RTVU’s School of Public Management, Luo Xiangyang, signed the framework agreement on learner development cooperation with general manager Lin Kuncai from Yum China (Fuzhou). A two-way authorisation ceremony for the two key centres was also held.

Fujian RTVU Vice president Chen Zhanhong delivering a speech

General manager Lin Kun from Yum China (Fuzhou) delivering a speech

Signing the framework agreement on learner development cooperation

Two-way authorisation of Fujian RTVU Centre for Teaching Practice at Yum China (Fuzhou) and the Yum China (Fuzhou) Centre for Chain Management Training at Fujian RTVU

Group photo of ceremony attendees

By Fujian RTVU