“I am a law student, and as a participant in Fanghuiju (visiting people, benefiting them, and building cohesion with them), I need to keep my legal knowledge up-to-date in order to be able to help explain legal issues to the local people I contact,” said Yuan Ming, work-team member of the 17th Village, Mangxin Town, Yingjisha County, Kashi Region, Xinjiang Autonomous Region.


In order to implement the “Strategy of Rural Revitalisation” and “Construction of Grassroots Cadres” formulated by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and take advantage of modern distance education to reach villages, the Party Committee of Xinjiang Radio &TV University (Xinjiang RTVU) has set up the a pilot teaching centre in Mangxin Town, Yingjisha County based on educational strength of its affiliated school – Shache School for the village committee and village Party-branch committee, to improve the Mandarin level of the villagers, and motivate the grassroots cadres.

Xu Li, Communist Party secretary of Mangxin Town, said: “Enhancing the educational level of the village cadres is a requirement of implementing the strategy of the Central Party Committee governing Xinjiang, in order to maintain stability and improve grassroots governance. I hope the cadres receiving training cherish the opportunity and improve the quality of grassroots development. ”

So far, 72 students have been admitted by the Village Cadre Educational Enhancement Class, most younger than 40. Shache School, directly affiliated with Xinjiang RTVU, is responsible for the teaching and management of the class by means of face-to-face and online instruction, in order to train management professionals at the grassroots level to enhance local development.

Ma Xiaodong, deputy dean of the school affiliated with Xinjiang RTVU, said: “Establishment of the tutorial centre in Mangxin Town has enhanced the political literacy and ideological level of the rural cadres and enabled them to contribute to the development of the region.”

By Xu Pan, www.ts.cn