In order to further improve teaching support, lead students in learning effectively through the Open University of China (OUC) learning network, and improve teaching quality in an all-round way, Hebei Radio and TV University (Hebei RTVU) convened a meeting to exchange experience on the usage and extension of the learning network.

Around 120 people attended the meeting, including president Deng Mingli, vice president Wu Xichun, the presidents in charge of teaching in all prefectural city RTVUs, responsible people from different departments, major responsible people in charge of teaching in some county RTVUs, and relevant people from relevant departments and all the teaching staff of Hebei RTVU.

Deng Mingli asked the teaching faculty from the RTVU system in Hebei Province to remember their mission, to take initiative, to comprehensively improve teaching support, to implement the teaching process in a practical way, and to make Hebei RTVU an open university “that satisfies the students and benefits the teachers, and that receives the respect of society, industry insiders, and the government.”

During the meeting, “The data application of OUC learning network usage” was introduced, the background, importance, and application process of education big data were analysed, with the focus on the monitoring function of learning network platform data. From the perspective of study centres, key links and operation steps in the process of using the learning network were also demonstrated. Relevant teachers from the Open University of China (OUC) were also invited to give special lectures, share how online teachers can achieve individualisation during the course of teaching, and improve their students’ enthusiasm to meet the service education targets. During the meeting, they held group discussions and in-depth exchanges on how to raise online learning initiative, how to raise the application of learning network resources, and other issues.

By Hebei RTVU