On 20 October 2018, an expert panel review meeting for the professional cultivation plan for marine technology of Shandong Radio and TV University (Shandong RTVU) was held at Qingdao Radio & TV University (Qingdao RTVU).

Professor Huang Haijun from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Lin Zhishu from the Fishery Technology Promotion Station of Qingdao Marine and Fishery Bureau, Professor Sun Jianming and Professor You Feng from the Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Hu Rijun from the School of Marine Geosciences, Ocean University of China were invited to be assessment experts. Xie Minghao, vice president of Shandong RTVU, and Sun Hongli, vice president of Qingdao RTVU, also sat on the panel.

Xie Minghao introduced the construction concepts for the first batch of five undergraduate programmes and put forwards his hopes and requirements to the expert panel.

The core teachers from the Marine Technology major introduced the construction situation of the major and explained the professional cultivation plan. Experts gave their opinions and suggestions, and discussed the goals for the major training, professional rules, curriculum, and curriculum instruction. In the end, they came up with seven detailed suggestions for how to revise the professional cultivation plan. The experts believe that the professional cultivation plan for Marine Technology at Shandong RTVU is scientific and reasonable, conforming to the goal of professional cultivation and the orientation of the university and the major, and effectively supporting the target of the programme. Furthermore, the curriculum system is reasonable, the prerequisite courses and follow-up courses are logical, and the plan is acceptable after revision. The experts signed the review comments on site.

This panel further completed the professional cultivation plan for Marine Technology and a construction system of the curriculum, and laid a solid foundation in response to the call of the government to accelerate the construction of a province with a strong marine economy, cultivate high quality marine professionals in Shandong, improve the development of the marine economy, and build a first class open university in the new era.

By Shandong RTVU