In order to adhere to and implement the spirit of the working conference on national vocational education and the State Council’s Decisions on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education (GuoFa [2014] No. 19), in 2014 the OUC launched the “Assistance Plan for the Cultivation and Development of New Industrial Workers”, issuing the Pilot Implementation of the Assistance Plan for the Cultivation and Development of New Industrial Workers (Trial) (Guo Kai Jiao [2014] No.5) and the Pilot Work Plan for Certification within the Assistance Plan for the Cultivation and Development of New Industrial Workers, and the Certification, Accumulation, and Transfer of Learning Outcomes (Trial)" (Guo Kai Jiao [2014] No. 8). With “providing transformation and upgrading services for enterprises, and fostering the growth and development of employees” as its purpose, the Training Centre carries out degree and non-degree education for staff on the front line of production and services. As a dedicated institution of the OUC for carrying out non-degree continuing education, the Training Centre is supported by the credit bank system, with the “five connection” requirement of modern vocational education as a guiding principle, and with education certificate and job qualification training at its core. Through cooperation between colleges and enterprises, a new mechanism and model for the integration of vocational education (on-the-job training) and degree education has been established, providing support for enterprises with solutions, high quality resources, professional services, and qualified staff. With the cooperation between higher vocational colleges, technical colleges, and all kinds of training institutions, the Training Centre carries out "dual-certificate education", integrating professional qualifications, job training certificates, and degree certificates, and thus promoting learners’ professional competency and fostering their personal growth and career development.


At present, the OUC School of Vocational Education and Training (Training Centre) focuses on the cultivation of national primary and secondary school teachers, and enterprise-tailored certificate-based education. In addition, it has undertaken the training of secondary vocational school teaching staff, as well as vocational qualification certification across the whole society.