Brief Introduction

The Department of External Education and Training specialises in teaching and scientific research in the non–degree programmes. It is mainly responsible for the formulation of management policies related to the development and planning of non–degree education; the overall planning, coordination and promotion of non-degree education within OUC operations; the development, organisation and implementation of projects related to non-degree education; community-education research; coordination of the educational affairs of community colleges, and providing these with support and services.

Community Education Research and Training Centre of the Ministry of Education

 In 2010, with the approval of the Department of Human Resources, the "Community Education Research and Training Centre of the Ministry of Education" was established at China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU, the predecessor of the OUC). Its main responsibilities are to provide training, consultation, service and guidance to all kinds of educational institutions within the RTVU system, as well as other organisations participating in community education; to explore operations and innovation within community education; to build a public-service platform for lifelong education that meets a broad range of needs; to establish and enhance an organisational network which aims to promote research in community education; to develop, build, integrate and promote high-quality community-education resources; and to carry out education and training of teams of community-education practitioners and other professionals.