20 May 2022 saw the opening ceremony of the Lifelong Education Platform developed by the Open University of China (OUC), marking the official public launch of the platform. OUC President Jing Degang and Vice Presidents Ju Chuanjin and Fan Xianrui attended the opening ceremony.


Jing Degang noted that the OUC should thoroughly study and implement the important expositions on education made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and firmly carry forward the national digital strategic action in compliance with the general requirement of giving “priority to applications and services, simplicity, efficiency, and safety in operation,” contributing to the construction of a learning-oriented society with the characteristics of “anyone can learn anywhere and anytime.”

Jing Degang stated that the OUC should take advantage of the opening of the Lifelong Education Platform to grasp to the strategic opportunity of digital education development. The platform should constantly bring together high-quality resources in diverse categories and even wider fields with functions being iterated and upgraded in order to facilitate the construction of a major platform for lifelong education and online education, and a platform for flexible education and external cooperation, adding momentum to the OUC’s high-quality development.


The OUC Lifelong Education Platform is a brand-new leaning platform built on the basis of the existing “One Road, One Network, One Platform” system, aiming to promote equity in education and reduce the digital divide. To date, the platform has accumulated a total of 500,000 resources, including OUC self-developed learning resources, courses from 338 prestigious universities, and featured courses from ten leading learning platforms. It is committed to meeting the diverse and individualised learning needs of the public, as well as realising lifelong education empowered by digital technology.