Introduction to Your Arts Network (the OUC Art Education Network)

Your Arts Network is run by the OUC Painting and Calligraphy Art Education Research Institute. It is accessible to all members of society who are fond of calligraphy and painting through the medium of video courses for online learning and project training. The website includes five columns: online courses, masters and famous paintings, community, publications, and research institute. The online courses are split into seven categories, including western painting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, and seal cutting. 

The operation of the website embodies the implementation of the OUC’s principle of “Learning for All Anytime, Anywhere”. Your Arts Network’s development objective is to build the largest national video website for painting and calligraphy art education over a period of two to three years.


The Chinese name for Your Arts (transliterated from the English) stands for the approachability and popularity of the OUC’s art education. Meanwhile, the Chinese can also be interpreted as “you of elegance”.