A national platform, “Smart Education of China”, recently launched a webpage aiming to study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and display the educational achievements over the past decade in China.

The webpage showcased the operations of the Open University of China (OUC) in its “Exhibition of Achievements” section.

The section displays contributions made by the OUC in constructing an education system serving lifelong learning for all, specifically its “One College Per Village” programme implemented in its operational system nationwide.

The system enables anyone to study anytime and anywhere. Here farmer students from the west of Hunan Province use connected devices in a discussion group. Photo taken in August 2017.

The OUC offers training to industrial workers, education to ethnic groups, and distance education to non-commissioned officers. It also promotes equity in education via use of ICT.

Vocational education supplies workers to industries. The OUC trains students based on enterprise demand. The photo shows students in the Auto Repair programme.

The use of ICT in education promotes equity in education, and allows the OUC to deliver education to remote regions. The photo shows a herdsman using a tablet to study while herding.

The OUC carries out distance degree education for military personnel and the armed police force. The photo shows a non-commissioned officer being granted a graduation certificate. 

By Yi Xin, OUC