On 30 May 2023, the Seniors University of China (SUC) launched its official social media account on the Kuaishou App.

At the "(Shanghai) International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care" venue, Kuaishou Charity live-streamed the event and conducted a video chat with Liu Chen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee at the Open University of China (OUC), also known as the SUC. Liu Chen extended congratulations to Kuaishou for the collaboration with SUC and briefly introduced the university's development. Simultaneously, high-quality courses such as "Art Master Lectures" and "Oil Painting for Beginners," provided by SUC, made their debut at the trade fair. The courses captivated the senior learners present at the event, who were delighted by the wealth of knowledge offered.

Liu Chen, deputy secretary of OUC (SUC) invited to the live streamed interview

Liu Chen emphasized that the SUC is committed to supporting seniors in cultivating virtues, engaging in lifelong learning, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, enjoying a fulfilling life, and actively achieving their goals in terms of virtue, learning, health, happiness, and accomplishment. The university provides both online and offline teaching activities to older adults nationwide, offering shared resources, instructional guidance, and public services to various senior universities at different levels. Its aim is to establish a platform for nationwide educational resource sharing and public services for the elderly. The SUC aims to set an example and play a leading and influential role in promoting the innovative development of education for older adults. Leveraging the operational framework of the OUC, the SUC will engage in extensive collaboration with governments, businesses, enterprises, higher educational institutions, and various societal forces. Nursing facilities will also be integral to the operational framework of the SUC.

Furthermore, at the Kuaishou Charity booth during the "(Shanghai) International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care," the SUC arranged a special gathering for beginner learners who had enrolled in the oil painting course. This provided an opportunity for them to meet their instructors and share their learning experiences. Professor Xiao Fei also offered valuable comments and guidance on the students' artwork.

SUC Oil Painting for Beginners and Art Master Lectures debut at the International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care

The launch of SUC's official social media account on the Kuaishou App marks a significant step in providing care and support to the elderly population through collaboration with Kuaishou Charity. Through a seamless integration of senior education and public services, the app enables elderly users to effortlessly access knowledge, save classes, and fulfill their diverse needs in "enjoying life through learning" and pursuing happiness. This initiative facilitates their seamless adaptation to the digitalised world, allowing them to better embrace the opportunities presented by the digital age.


By School for Older Adults