I. Training objectives

To cultivate practice-oriented legal professionals who will develop in an all-round way in terms of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and work capabilities, and who will gain a systematic understanding of the law, becoming familiar with China's laws and regulations, and finishing with a full-time four-year undergraduate degree, or the equivalent. Students will be trained to undertake legal work in government agencies, enterprises, institutions and other organisations, especially judicial and administrative organs, as well as in arbitration and legal-service institutions, by adhering to the principle of fostering virtue through moral education while attaching equal importance to both morality and law, and adapting to the real-world needs of constructing a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics and socialist rule of law.

II. Requirements

  1. Duration of studies: 8 years of part-time studies permitted, and the shortest period lasting at least 2.5 years.
  2. Degree awarded: Bachelor of Law
  3. Type of education: open
  4. Total credit hours: 1,296 credit hours and 72 credits.
  5. Other requirements


Graduates of this major are expected to have a basic grasp of the humanities and social and natural sciences as well as the various disciplines of Law.

Skills development

Students will be trained to learn independently, integrate specialised theories with their practices, and master basic research methods.

Overall quality

Graduates of this major are expected to love their country, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, master the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and establish a correct outlook on living and values.

Graduates should have mastered the thinking and research processes of Law, be scientific in their approaches, cultivate personal character and morality as the basis of their professional identity, and have a sense of responsibility in terms of helping construct a socialist country based on rule of law while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

III. Main courses

  1. Specialised basic courses: Introduction to Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law, Chinese Legal History, International Law, International Private Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual-property Law, International Economic Law, and others.
  2. Specialised core courses: Contract Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, and others.