The 10th OUJ-OUC-KNOU International Seminar took place in Chiba, Japan, on 13-14 September 2023.

The delegation was led by Liu Xuanxuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Open University of China (OUC); Prof. Masaya Iwanaga, president of the Open University of Japan (OUJ); and Ko Song hwan, president of the Korea National Open University (KNOU). Scholars from these three universities also participated in the event.


The seminar, initiated in 2009 among OUC, OUJ, and KNOU, was established to foster deeper relationships and exchange experiences. Over ten sessions, hosting has alternated among these institutions. The 10th session, hosted by OUJ, was themed "Distance Education in the Post-COVID Era.”

Liu Xuanxuan emphasised the seminar's significant influence, noting its role as a pivotal platform for fostering cooperation and exchanges in distance education and enhancing the depth of educational collaboration among the three nations. She conveyed the OUC's enthusiasm to intensify its partnership with the OUJ and KNOU, aiming to establish a paradigmatic model for cooperation that other Asian countries and regions might emulate. This collaboration seeks to propel the high-quality evolution of regional education and further the shared growth of distance education, thereby making a constructive impact on the broader Asian, and indeed global, educational landscape. Liu Xuanxuan articulated the aspiration that the seminar will serve as an avenue for an increased number of young scholars to immerse themselves in pertinent research, fostering scholarly exchanges and collaborative studies among the three entities. Such initiatives are anticipated to facilitate the continuous dissemination of academic findings and the generation of innovative insights. Furthermore, Liu Xuanxuan announced the forthcoming 11th seminar, which is slated to be convened by the OUC in Beijing in 2024. She extended a heartfelt invitation to scholars affiliated with the OUJ and KNOU to partake in this event.

The OUJ President, Masaya Iwanaga, and the KNOU President, Ko Song hwan, both extended their commendations for the seminar, emphasising its instrumental role in fostering cooperation among the three universities. They anticipate that the seminar will address both the challenges and opportunities that these open universities collectively encounter.


Participating scholars and experts deliberated on themes such as "Transformation and Enhancement of Distance Education Teachers in the Post-Pandemic Era," "Trends in Python Studies for Adult Learners and the Advantages of Online Courses During the Pandemic," "Research on Shared Platforms of Learning Analytics," and "Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Future Prospects of Open Universities in China, Japan, and Korea." The attendees collectively expressed their commitment to intensify efforts, facilitate dialogues and exchanges, and disseminate experiences to foster mutual understanding, building on the existing cooperation among the three universities. Such initiatives aim to catalyze reforms and innovations, establish an open and adaptable educational paradigm, provide a spectrum of educational choices, and further the comprehensive transformation and high-quality development of the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU.

The OUC delegation conducted a field visit to the Chiba study centre of the OUJ, where they engaged in comprehensive discussions with the centre's leadership and relevant faculty & staff. The primary focus of these discussions revolved around providing quality learner support for the elderly. Additionally, the delegation visited the Education Office of the Embassy of the PRC in Japan to gain insights into the emerging trends in educational cooperation and exchanges between China and Japan in the current context.


By Liu Xiaoqian, OUC